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Roger Stone, Herman Cain, and Joe Arpaio have all thrown their support behind a political neophyte who lost by nearly 50 points the last time... [Read More]
For a candidate who lost by more than 50 points last year. [Read More]
The Children's Health Insurance Program is a dramatic success and almost never controversial. But lawmakers have managed to muck it all up. [Read More]
The gun lobby isn't bending on bump stocks. They're punting. And Congress may not be equipped to fill the void. [Read More]
The current administration wants to kill the Affordable Care Act from within. These folks are trying to fill the void. [Read More]
The President's eldest son is a close ally with a key figure behind a bill that was set to pass the House prior to the... [Read More]
The tech entrepreneur got an assist from Chuck Johnson and the co-author of 'American Sniper.'... [Read More]
Unable to repeal the law, the administration is trying to kill it with budget cuts. Officials in states like Michigan are now restoring to interns... [Read More]
The christian fundamentalist Republican candidate gave the opposition party a huge opening. But they aren't yet certain that they're gonna take it. [Read More]
The senator said he can't support Graham-Cassidy despite the fact that his best friend wrote it. [Read More]
More than 1,000 alumni have, so far, signed a petition demanding that they be stripped of their fellowships. [Read More]