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The party wants to fix the damage done by Trump. But not everyone is spoiling for this fight. [Read More]
Their grassroots are egging it on. But not everyone, including a famed small government advocate, are sure it's the smart move. [Read More]
The embattled Minnesotan stands accused of sexual harassment. His time in the chamber may be close to ending. [Read More]
Lawmakers are looking for a way around their CHIP standoff. But a short-term bill might make a long-term fix even harder. [Read More]
Leadership had called on him to resign. If he doesn't, there are harsher steps to take. [Read More]
'You can't call on Roy Moore to step down... as long as you're circling the wagons for people like John Conyers.'... [Read More]
Parents have begun to fret and, in some cases, penny-pinch as Congress makes limited progress in re-authorizing CHIP. [Read More]
After initially trying to sidestep the matter, the party offered harsh condemnations and then calls for an investigation into one of their own. [Read More]
Beverly Young Nelson issued the most serious allegation yet against the Republican candidate for Senate, saying he choked her and said, "You're just a child." [Read More]
He also had a cult following in the literary world. [Read More]
The Alabama politician categorically denied the worst allegation in the Washington Post's story, but did not deny that he may have dated teenagers half his... [Read More]
The party isn't ready to invest, at least overtly, in the next marquee election on the docket. [Read More]
The president wasn't on the ballot. But he was very much a part of the most important race of 2017, a race that Democrats won. [Read More]
Three months have passed. But voters can't escape the moment when their state became the center of the political universe for all the wrong reasons. [Read More]
Donald Trump isn't technically on the ballot Tuesday. But for both campaigns, he will be determinative. [Read More]
After being previously rebuffed by the agency in charge of the D.C. Trump hotel lease, House Democrats are taking their fight to federal court. [Read More]
"None of these appalling features of our current politics should ever be regarded as normal," the outgoing senator lamented of the Trump Era. [Read More]
Roger Stone, Herman Cain, and Joe Arpaio have all thrown their support behind a political neophyte who lost by nearly 50 points the last time... [Read More]
For a candidate who lost by more than 50 points last year. [Read More]
The Children's Health Insurance Program is a dramatic success and almost never controversial. But lawmakers have managed to muck it all up. [Read More]