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This past weekend YouTube was forced to release a statement responding to growing accusations that the platform's new Restricted Mode setting discriminates against LGBTQ content... [Read More]
The moment that plenty of 40somethings have both longed for and feared is almost here this weekend T2 Trainspotting hits U.S. theaters allowing an entire... [Read More]
It's that time again time to watch a giant ape kick ass on the big screen. With Kong Skull Island hitting theaters this weekend you... [Read More]
For years the South by Southwest conference and festival SXSW if you're nasty has been an annual destination for anyone seeking to hobnob with influential... [Read More]
To paraphrase Richard Nixon you won't have Alec Baldwin's President to kick around for much longer.In a conversation with Extra's Mario Lopez the 30 Rock... [Read More]
If you thought Harrison Ford was looking a little bit worse for wear in 2008's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull get... [Read More]
IMDb has a new ratings system to help audiences find movies that support and promote female voices and no it's not the Bechdel Test. Dubbed... [Read More]