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A local musician is in intensive care with serious head injuries after being struck with a baseball bat. [Read More]
Tuesday night, the Empire State Building was lit up in Amazon orange. By Wednesday, the backlash was building in Queens. ... [Read More]
To preview the traffic mess coming to Seattle in January, it helps to look back to the last traffic closure of the Alaskan Way Viaduct. [Read More]
"This is the first stage in a five-year period that we're calling the period of maximum constraint," Marx said. "This is going to be a... [Read More]
With an aging fleet, Washington State Ferries says it needs 13 new ferries in the next 22 years. [Read More]
The new amount of taxpayer money now headed for Safeco Field is $135 million over 25 years for projects such as painting the retractable roof. [Read More]
On Tuesday, supporters of Initiative 1639, dressed in orange, gathered across from Garfield High School to pitch a ballot measure they said will make schools... [Read More]
At a Labor Day event in Burien, union leaders stumped for Initiative 1634, which would block Seattle-style soda taxes. [Read More]
The sheriff's helicopter is gone now. After an exhaustive effort, the official search and rescue teams have packed up and left. But... [Read More]
The 24 people who work for Sam Basta in Bellevue build boat lifts for lakefront properties. [Read More]
At Log Boom Park in Kenmore, the view of Lake Washington on Tuesday was mostly lost in the haze. [Read More]
Richard Russell's bizarre flight in a stolen plane is triggering a lot of questions about how it happened. [Read More]
Paul Endzell, of Dream Home Real Estate, has held five open houses at a 1941 home in Renton he listed for $525,000. [Read More]
The plan to save a starving orca known as J-50, possibly by giving her fish, was on hold Monday because scientists were unable to find... [Read More]
Meagan Scherzinger's work as an emergency medical technician can save lives. [Read More]
A 260-square-foot housing unit outside Edmonds Lutheran Church could represent a solution for the region's affordable housing crisis. [Read More]
In 2016, we saw the future. [Read More]
The wrecking crew could be coming for an iconic Seattle music venue. [Read More]
An $11 million King County combined sewer overflow project in Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood could end up costing utility ratepayers millions more because a pipe failed... [Read More]
Burien's mayor said he was assaulted at a block party by a critic of sanctuary cities. [Read More]