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Through the rest of today, it will be rather nice! There will be a lot of sunshine with a few passing clouds. The rain chances... [Read More]
Today is off to a dreary start with a lot of overcast and a few showers around. The reason why is because a cold front... [Read More]
Today will have plentiful sunshine. So, it should be nice weather! There is no chance of rain with only a few passing clouds. It should... [Read More]
It is another cold day, but the sunshine is back! There is no chance of rain today with the clouds clearing away. The temperatures will... [Read More]
To end this week, there will be a lot of rain. More rain than what we have seen over the last few days. Rain chances... [Read More]
So far today, the temperatures have not been as much of an issue. The clouds have built in earlier, helping block the sunshine. That in... [Read More]
The heat will once again be an issue for today. The temperatures will warm up to the lower to mid 90s. Plus there's the humidity... [Read More]
Today is off to a very hot start after temperatures struggled to fall out of the 80s overnight. As we go throughout the day, those... [Read More]
Our Monday is off to a dry start with no rain around us. The sunshine is out, and it is off to a beautiful day!... [Read More]
Our Friday should be a great day! There has not been any rain over us so far. I even think the rain will be limited... [Read More]
We had a little bit of sunshine as we started today. Those clouds are building back up, especially along the coast. Those clouds will bring... [Read More]
Today will be another wet day with the typical afternoon showers. They will be scattered, so I don't think everyone will see rain. As per... [Read More]
Today is already off to a wet start. There will be more rain likely through the afternoon. It will begin to clear later this evening.... [Read More]
Get your umbrella ready for this week! It's going to be very wet, starting with today. There will be a lot of scattered showers around... [Read More]
For our Friday, there will be some rain around in the afternoon. It will be those typical afternoon showers and thunderstorms we would normally see... [Read More]
Our Thursday will be a nice day. It has gotten off to a beautiful start with plenty of sunshine and a few white clouds. Near... [Read More]
Rain chances remain at 40% through this weekend... [Read More]
Today will not have as much rain around. There will be only a few scattered showers this afternoon. I have the rain chances down to... [Read More]
Through the evening hours the rain chances will slowly go back down. There will likely be some rain around even beyond sunset. Keep the umbrella... [Read More]
To end this week our weather will be nice. There has not been any rain so far today and I do not expect much rain... [Read More]