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The city is working on a plan to improve safety at some of the city's busiest intersections, and engineers have identified five areas for pedestrian... [Read More]
Social media chatter from some San Patricio County residents sparked fears a gentleman's club was coming to their town. Among them, officials from three... [Read More]
Our area hasn't been hit with Red Tide since 2016 , but the summer waves of Saharan Dust could raise the risk of a return... [Read More]
A social media post showed city water running to a house being built by the city's Director of Public Works. Except his neighbors don't... [Read More]
There are big plans for Lamar Elementary School. CCISD shut down the building to students in 2010, but recently sold it to a local... [Read More]
Back in May when the sale of the old Nueces County Courthouse was finalized, as a development group promised to pay $1.5 million in back... [Read More]
The Diocese of Corpus Christi recently put the final touches on its new school safety plan just in time for nearly 3,000 students to head... [Read More]
The Alice Independent School District board recently approved a pay raise of $2,000 per year for each of the district's teachers. [Read More]
After another weekend of rain a common sight started popping up around Corpus Christi; wastewater flowing out into the street, and the same thing happens... [Read More]
Communities like Rockport and Refugio are still dealing with a housing shortage because of Harvey, and the general land office has committed millions of dollars... [Read More]
CCISD has good news for district parents on a tight budget, and even those who aren't It comes in the form of a meals... [Read More]
Fact or fiction: If you live in a high risk flood area and received aid from FEMA or SBA because of flood damage from Hurricane... [Read More]
A Bee County school district is taking a proactive step towards keeping students safe by arming members of its staff. [Read More]
Not surprisingly, reaction to the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to uphold most of Texas' electoral map was split on a partisan level. [Read More]
Last December, Flour Bluff ISD made a substantial payment to the Padre Island Property Owners Association. But why would a school district owe the... [Read More]
Turns out the Corpus Christi Convention and Visitors Bureau doesn't need that half million dollars from the city to put on Holidays on the Bay... [Read More]
Now that stage one restrictions are in place, every drop of water is precious. So why would the city take millions of gallons of... [Read More]
Last September, the city started its first two residential street construction projects. Nine months later one project is done but work on Ralston Ave.... [Read More]
As temperatures rise, city officials are concerned about levels at Lake Corpus Christi. [Read More]
Wednesday, Nueces County Commissioners banned the sale and possession of aerial fireworks in for the summer fireworks season. [Read More]
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