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The Wichita City Council picked the developers it hopes will deliver a home run for the future of baseball in the city. [Read More]
President Donald Trump continues to reject the judgments of U.S. spy agencies on major foreign policy fronts, creating a dynamic in which intelligence analysts frequently... [Read More]
Nearly one year after Congress passed sweeping changes to U.S. Tax Code, tax preparers across the city say they're answering a number of questions about... [Read More]
The season of giving is proving to be a tough one for one of the city's biggest charities. [Read More]
City of Wichita road crews are already preparing for any winter weather that may fall from the sky this weekend. [Read More]
Funeral services for Deputy Robert Kunze will begin Friday morning at 10:00 a.m. at Central Community Church, 6100 W. Maple in west Wichita. ... [Read More]
When President Trump visited the agency on his second day in office, he stood several floors below the point of origin for a probe that... [Read More]
A ceremony was held for Trooper Ferdinand Pribbenow, nearly thirty-seven years after his death Tuesday morning as the Kansas Highway Patrol announced a stretch of... [Read More]
Investigators spent most of the day Monday at the intersection where Deputy Robert Kunze was shot and killed. But the deputy's death was being felt much... [Read More]
The arrest affidavit released earlier this week reveals new details into a crash that left at 71-year-old man severely injured in a crash earlier this... [Read More]
The City of Wichita faces two lawsuits from police officers. In one case, an officer is suing Police Chief Gordon Ramsay for "ruining his... [Read More]
Designs released last week show the stadium sitting right on the banks of the Arkansas River.  No McLean Boulevard could be seen.  And that wasn't... [Read More]
As millions flee from Hurricane Florence, a category three hurricane as of Wednesday afternoon, some are driving and flying into the storm's path. Many of... [Read More]
Wichita City Council has delayed a decision to privatize Stryker Sports Complex. A bid was presented by the Wichita Sports Forum's management company to take... [Read More]
Behind barricades and past dust-covered doors in Old Town, you see a massive restoration effort underway in Wichita's Union Station. [Read More]
The Wichita Wingnuts could get $2.2 million from the City of Wichita, as a settlement to terminate the team's lease of Lawrence-Dumont Stadium. [Read More]
A day in the park hasn't been as easy for Christina Brouilette and her son, Fulton. They both suffer from fall allergies. ... [Read More]
The stadium that used to house loud and cheering fans is now empty and quiet. Rain-soaked seats are all that's left at Lawrence Dumont Stadium,... [Read More]
Lake Afton was fairly quiet on Wednesday evening but with the holiday weekend approaching, more campers will likely be out. Also likely to be... [Read More]
Katherine Rosales learned of her brother's death from hundreds of miles away, in California. [Read More]