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Collections of poetry are in short supply on the hardcover lists these days. But it wasn't always thus, as Edna St. Vincent Millay once proved. [Read More]
The veteran romance writer Julie Garwood turns to computer crime in her latest novel, "Wired," new on the hardcover fiction list at No. 7. [Read More]
Neal Stephenson and the novelist Nicole Galland have teamed up on a fantasy story, "The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.," at No. 11 in hardcover... [Read More]
Arundhati Roy's novel "The Ministry of Utmost Happiness," the long-awaited follow-up to "The God of Small Things," lands at No. 7 in hardcover fiction. [Read More]
In "Beren and Luthien," J.R.R. Tolkien's son traces the romance between a human and an elf through his father's notes and drafts and epic poems. [Read More]
The aura of gaudy glamour in Kevin Kwan's books may seem like the stuff of soap operas, but it's true to the world in which... [Read More]
Condoleezza Rice's "Democracy" offers sober, high-minded rhetoric about America's role in the world. It also notes Qaddafi's schoolboy crush on her. [Read More]
Hockey, long frozen out of the fiction best-seller list, gets its due in Fredrik Backman's "Beartown." [Read More]
Can Caitlyn Jenner have anything left to overshare? In "The Secrets of My Life," No. 8 in hardcover nonfiction, she does. [Read More]
"This Fight Is Our Fight," new on the hardcover nonfiction list, is nominally about the economy. But the index reveals a more personal target. [Read More]
Pete the Cat (No. 2 on the picture books list) is now starring in a puppet show, a musical and an upcoming Amazon TV show. [Read More]
Greg Iles's "Natchez Burning" trilogy amounted to 2,300 pages in three years. The final volume, "Mississippi Blood," is No. 1 in hardcover fiction. [Read More]
In a new Hemingway biography, "Writer, Sailor, Soldier, Spy," the historian Nicholas Reynolds details his subject's work for a precursor to the K.G.B. [Read More]
In "Dear Ijeawele," new at No. 4 in hardcover nonfiction, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie counsels a childhood friend on how to raise empowered girls. [Read More]
Joanne Fluke, whose "Banana Cream Pie Murder" is new at No. 3, recalls some cooking disasters. [Read More]
"A Conjuring of Light," new at No. 6 in hardcover fiction, is V.E. Schwab's 12th book and her third to hit the list. [Read More]
Lisa Gardner, whose "Right Behind You" is No. 1 on the hardcover fiction list, turned to Facebook to decide which of her regular protagonists the... [Read More]
In his architectural thriller, new at No. 5 in hardcover fiction, Delaney explores the "weird and deeply obsessive" psychology of minimalism. [Read More]