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Deputy Mayor David Brace's "pot stirring" guest column regarding the Steve King dismissal was misleading and incorrect in several ways. [Read More]
Don't despair as a parent. You will have plenty of time and opportunities to help you child become successful in each of these stages of... [Read More]
As Baby Boomers reach retirement, a perfect storm is set to hit Victoria County nursing homes: A surge in the number of aging Texans, known... [Read More]
Former mayor's assertion that Mayor Rogero is attacking Civil Service protections by ousting Steve King is untrue. In fact, the opposite is true. [Read More]
City and Salem On Ice make effort to avoid Santa confusion among children. [Read More]
Property taxes are crushing small businesses, middle-class families and elderly Texans. [Read More]
When I decided on this topic, President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping had evidently reached an agreement in principle to ratchet down the... [Read More]
Mary Rebecca (Mamie) Dowd Walker and Karen Bethea-Shields were trailblazing judges in Durham, writes Eddie Davis, historian for Durham's sesquicentennial. [Read More]
William H. Chafe, Professor of History, emeritus, at Duke University, says Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh should take a lie detector test on Professor... [Read More]
Carrboro writer and teacher Georgann Eubanks, leader of the North Carolina Literary and Historical Association, extols snow in "The Month of Their Ripening: North Carolina... [Read More]
Lynn Richardson, working on a certificate at the North Carolina NC Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill says invasive plants like Bradford pear and English ivy... [Read More]
The anonymous senior Cabinet official in the White House needs to go further than New York Times op eds and invole the 25th Amendment to... [Read More]
Now that you've published a book, you can afford that fancy NYC loft, right? Emily Bleeker clears up a few common and hilarious misconceptions about... [Read More]
With the cougar population left unchecked by artificially controlled hunts, more cougar/human interaction can be expected. [Read More]
A local veterinary clinic that helped nonprofit rescue groups is ending its discount to the nonprofits beginning Oct. 1. [Read More]
This guest column is a cooperative effort of Alan Loebsack, Jim Huffman and Mark Spurgeon, commissioners from the Port of Douglas County; and Mayor Steve Lacy, on... [Read More]
"Do not despair of our present difficulties but believe always in the promise and greatness of America, because nothing is inevitable here. Americans never quit.... [Read More]
Beto, Beto, Beto I see the name everywhere. People in Victoria are talking Beto. I see yard signs – in places I have never seen... [Read More]
Brenda James of Durham says everyone grieves in their own way. If we accept the love around us we sometimes can turn that grief into... [Read More]
A mother-daughter pair of agents debunks five pervasive misconceptions about literary agents and the way they do their work. [Read More]