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Tennant stars as controversial psychiatrist R.D. Laing, who believed the mentally ill could heal themselves without drugs. [Read More]
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Yoda and Hanson: a match made in heaven? [Read More]
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From classics like "White Christmas" to ridiculous entries like "Santa's Super Sleigh" [Read More]
The Mexican artist was important to the filmmakers and to the actress who voiced her. [Read More]
The "SNL" star, who voices an animal in the new animated feature, says she "love goats because they eat garbage." [Read More]
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Graynor, the MVP of the awards-season-favorite comedy, also spills details on being directed by a naked James Franco. [Read More]
The studio spent a reported $10 million to reshoot Spacey's scenes with Plummer in the wake of sexual abuse allegations. [Read More]
The long-awaited first trailer for May 2018's ultimate Marvel mash-up. [Read More]