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Sharks, superheroes, and documentaries scored big this summer. John Travolta did not. [Read More]
The "A Simple Favor" star went viral for her tween Spice Girls cosplay. [Read More]
Disney's only African-American princess is looking a little off in the new trailer, and social media is on the case. [Read More]
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The jump-scare ad for the 'Conjuring' spinoff violated the site's "shocking content policy." [Read More]
"Empire" star Taraji P. Henson takes on Mel Gibson's role in a gender-swapped version of 2000's "What Women Want" in "What Men Want." [Read More]
those handy miniature metaphors for either childhood wonder or the corruption of innocence - are having a big summer. The indie horror hit Hereditary revolves... [Read More]
The Beatles have always had a cinematic presence, from the 1964 faux-documentary A Hard Day's Night to the experimental shorts of John and Yoko. But... [Read More]
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