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Officials in several cities say immigration enforcement inside courthouses hurts their ability to investigate and prosecute crimes, including domestic violence. [Read More]
Since The Bail Project launched in 2017, NBC News has had an exclusive, frontline view of how the program is working in cities like Tulsa... [Read More]
Amilia is fighting deportation to Guatemala, saying she fears for her life. U.S. border agents took her son away. She told her story in a... [Read More]
The numbers show the government was separating migrant kids from their parents back in 2016 and 2017. [Read More]
HHS Secretary Azar said Tuesday migrant parents would be in touch with separated kids within 24 hours and talk twice a week. That's not what... [Read More]
NBC News was able to trace a phone number and find the likely location of a separated child. It's not as easy for grandma in... [Read More]
Three women and their kids avoided family separation and prosecution because they entered the U.S. right before the chaos that followed Trump's Wednesday order. [Read More]
"My understanding is the ones with children have been dismissed." [Read More]
Ex-judge Barbara Jones will review items taken from Trump's attorney to see what may be protected by attorney-client privilege. [Read More]
Nancy Seaman is in prison for killing her husband, but advocates, including the judge from her trial, think she's a battered woman who has served... [Read More]
The jury that convicted Michigan housewife Nancy Seaman of first-degree murder, says Judge Jack McDonald, "didn't get the whole story." [Read More]
Attorney Joanna Hendon, who said she was retained by the president on Wednesday evening, told a federal judge Friday that Trump has "an acute interest... [Read More]
The Air Force has boosted the number of women in the ranks of its missileer contingent, which carries out nuclear launches. [Read More]
The Air Force has boosted the number of women in the ranks of its missileer contingent, which carries out nuclear launches. [Read More]
Missileers undergo months of intense training and are expected to know nuclear launch protocol by heart. [Read More]
Ari Wilkenfeld, who represents the woman whose charge of sexual harassment led to Lauer's firing from TODAY, says his client wanted NBC to "do the... [Read More]
The top executives at NBC News have launched a review into the events leading to the firing of Matt Lauer, and are taking steps to... [Read More]
Reformers backed by $30 million from the wealthy and influential have launched The Bail Project, which uses charitable dollars to bail people out of jail. [Read More]
Surrounded by family and friends, Cleo Davis, 51, and Elana Davis, 44, listen as a judge presents them with a certificate confirming the adoption of... [Read More]
East Tennessee counties are suing the makers of prescription drugs on behalf of thousands of infants born addicted to opioids. [Read More]