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Facing cost overruns and cybersecurity risks, the 2020 Census is expected to cost more than $15 billion. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says more funding will... [Read More]
Some Census watchers are worried that underfunding the 2020 Census will lead to a disaster similar to the 1920 Census, after which Congress refused to... [Read More]
A new construction trade school is opening in Houston just weeks after flooding from Hurricane Harvey ravaged homes around the city. Students are learning skills... [Read More]
Aaron Carapella couldn't find a map showing the original names and locations of Native American tribes as they existed before contact with Europeans. That's why... [Read More]
The U.S. Census Bureau's advisory committee members raised concerns over a proposal to remove the question from a marketing survey for the 2020 Census. [Read More]
Corruption charges against four college basketball coaches and an Adidas executive have exposed what federal officials call the NCAA's "dark underbelly." [Read More]
Houston residents now stranded at the convention center have harrowing stories of escaping rising waters in a city largely swallowed by floodwaters. [Read More]