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U.S. Navy/John F. Williams The San Antonio-class amphibious transport USS Portland is getting a laser. The Navy is testing a prototype Laser Weapon... [Read More]
Wikimedia Commons/Olive Drab The United States Army is on the hunt for what they call, "Mobile Protected Firepower" — or, to put it... [Read More]
The exercise simulates storming ashore to create an air field and refueling point behind enemy lines. [Read More]
The Royal Norwegian Navy has been around, in one form or another, for over a millennium. Though once a loose conscription of seafaring coastal communities,... [Read More]
Daniel Brown/Business Insider The footage below shows GoPro footage of US Army paratroopers jumping from two C-130s. The paratroopers are part of the... [Read More]
Run. Hide. Tell. Throw Beer. - This is how a disarmed population deals with terror attacks... [Read More]
The Left knows pop-culture is powerful and influential when it comes to gun legislation... [Read More]
US Air Force Photo Everyone has their favorite airframe; when the F-22 took on the reigning champion of the skies, it was a tough day... [Read More]
Democrats vs David Gorsuch in the battle for the Supreme Court... [Read More]
It is easy to criticize those that do the fighting when you are safely far from the sound of the guns... [Read More]
Concealed carry "may issue" law and defining who is a "prohibited person" may see court time... [Read More]
Thomson Reuters If the Baltics are a flashpoint where a war between Russia and NATO breaks out, it might be the Baltic Sea where those... [Read More]
Pfc. Nathaniel Newkirk/US Army In what sounds like a page straight from the script of a Tim Burton film, the Pentagon has issued a solicitation... [Read More]
The Fort Lauderdale shooting and Jerusalem truck attack should teach us this... [Read More]
From the Social Security Gun Ban to National Reciprocity Carry here is what we can expect to see in 2017... [Read More]
There is a gun control troika that can still affect their agenda on millions. Here is who we are talking about. [Read More]
Even peacetime training has its hazards, and that has been demonstrated with reports that an AH-64 Apache with the Texas National Guard crashed Dec. 28... [Read More]
How many more must die before we acknowledge America and Europe are under Islamic attack? [Read More]
"Miss Sloane" is a clear miss - Watch the ridiculous trailer here... [Read More]
After eight years of threatened rights and unenforced gun laws on criminals we should see a change... [Read More]