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There's often a feeling among regular San Franciscans that their leaders at City Hall just don't get it, that they can't empathize with regular residents'... [Read More]
Zander Brandt keeps getting jolted awake. First, it was at 1 a.m. on Nov. 1 with excruciating pain in his midsection. As I told you... [Read More]
Deanna Hodgin vividly remembers the first time she saw him. She was eating hamburgers with her husband and their daughter, Claire, just 12 at the... [Read More]
Incumbents in San Francisco who don't face term limits tend to sail to re-election every four years, holding their position as long as they want.... [Read More]
It's hard to believe San Francisco was once known as the City That Knows How, a nickname bestowed by President William Howard Taft in... [Read More]
Scoff at our liberal bubble if you will, but these days I'm really glad to live in ultra-blue San Francisco. Particularly this week, when thousands... [Read More]
Nick Josefowitz, a candidate for supervisor in District Two, wants the job so badly that he's already sunk more of his own money into the... [Read More]
He spent nine years at San Francisco's City Hall. He served as chief of staff to three mayors (one of whom held the job twice).... [Read More]
Rod Rosenstein needs to visit San Francisco. The country's deputy attorney general should stroll the sidewalks around City Hall, the Tenderloin and South of Market.... [Read More]
The controversial "Women's Column of Strength" statue in Chinatown has now been in place for nearly a year, but the fight over whether it should... [Read More]
A quiz for you, dear readers. Which one of these is true? (A) Elvis is still alive. (B) The Loch Ness monster exists. (C) San... [Read More]
District Six supervisor candidates Sonja Trauss and Christine Johnson are running a joint campaign against school board member Matt Haney, who so far has raised... [Read More]
Bathtubs that drain, toilets that flush and vermin-free kitchens aren't usually the stuff of press conferences starring big-name officials. But considering the longtime conditions of... [Read More]
It's been a good year for women in politics in San Francisco, and Andrea Dew Steele can take some of the credit. In 2002, a... [Read More]
As with pretty much any possible solution to San Francisco's stubborn homeless problem, building "tiny homes" has been talked about for ages. And then talked... [Read More]
It sounds like silly elementary school banter, but it's real. [Read More]
In a city where filthy sidewalks are many residents' No. 1 complaint, City Hall has come up with a new way to deal with No.... [Read More]
In a city where filthy sidewalks are many residents' No. 1 complaint, City Hall has come up with a new way to deal with No.... [Read More]
Everybody deserves a second chance. Third chances? Sometimes. But one San Francisco Superior Court judge apparently believes in ninth chances. He indicated that this month... [Read More]
The hubbub over the City Hall proposal to ban employee cafeterias in hopes tech workers will leave their cushy offices, mix with the masses on... [Read More]