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Wes Streeting urges Jeremy Corbyn to back continued membership of EU's single market and customs union... [Read More]
Jeremy Corbyn makes 13 new appointments to junior ranks, including bringing back Norwich South MP in shadow Treasury role... [Read More]
Luton North MP says his name will be cleared after accusations by two women of inappropriate behaviour... [Read More]
President will not now open new US embassy in London next month, with secretary of state Rex Tillerson likely to take his place... [Read More]
Corbyn ally resigns as shadow minister after Tories criticise his suggestion to raise council tax for rich homeowners... [Read More]
Shadow chancellor to set out Labour's vision for alternative to 'failed' model of capitalism at World Economic Forum... [Read More]
Chancellor to accuse Britain's negotiating partners of giving little indication of how member states want to work with UK... [Read More]
Labour leader's spokesman says decision to make 'extremely unpopular' McVey the work and pensions secretary is alarming... [Read More]
The glacial pace of comings and goings in Downing Street served as a reminder of the PM's fragile authority over her party... [Read More]
From changing the culture in politics to being straight about Brexit, SNP's deputy leader at Westminster sees opportunity to instil some long overdue professionalism... [Read More]
The prime minister has lost her majority and rebellion is simmering in her party. Will she survive another 12 months? [Read More]
Labour peer says PM has become 'voice of Ukip' as he resigns as chair of National Infrastructure Commission... [Read More]
PM faces political headache with constituencies of 34 colleagues including Brexit secretary David Davis likely to go... [Read More]
Labour says its findings offer more evidence that the government should pause rollout of new benefit system... [Read More]
The idea of governments paying former workers made redundant by robots is 'dangerous nonsense' says former minister Nick Boles in new book... [Read More]
Senior DExEU source blames Brussels troublemaking for reports about Brexit secretary's role in negotiations... [Read More]
Backbenchers who defeated government last week believe PM should reach out to Labour MPs and face down hard Brexiters... [Read More]
Shadow home secretary says electorate will get a say on final deal through their MPs when parliament votes... [Read More]
Foreign secretary says alignment with EU rules must not make UK subordinate, as May insists she will not be 'derailed'... [Read More]
British government official says Theresa May feels no politician 'should face intimidation'... [Read More]