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Regular visitors say Serco guards using overly sensitive detectors are making them jump through hoops or refusing them entry to see friends and family... [Read More]
Red notice against Bahraini refugee and professional football player who lives in Australia only issued on 8 November... [Read More]
Labor vows to dump plan if it wins government as Department of Home Affairs releases formal tender documents... [Read More]
Cases filed in high court represent more than 1,000 people still in offshore detention... [Read More]
Former ministers want party's national conference to commit to target of 0.7% of gross national income... [Read More]
Hakeem Al-Araibi, who has refugee status in Australia, has been held in detention in Bangkok for 10 days... [Read More]
Artist Alex Seton's marble plaques bear the names of every person who has died under the bipartisan policy... [Read More]
Thai official says the arrest of Hakeem Al-Araibi, a footballer who fled to Australia, was plotted by the Gulf state in advance... [Read More]
Sixteen bodies retrieved as leader Benny Wenda calls for diplomacy and transparency on what happened in Nduga... [Read More]
Former border force head says he was handed a migrant boat model as a thank-you gift for work on border protection... [Read More]
Opposition says ministers with links to any of the bidding groups should not be part of decision-making process... [Read More]
Exclusive: Activists say airline should not cooperate, but Qantas says it's up to the government and courts... [Read More]
Labor says government should ensure staff at Western Australia's Yongah Hill are not 'abusing their power'... [Read More]
Australian prime minister who was instrumental in designing harsh border protection policies displays a block of metal in the shape of an Asian fishing boat... [Read More]
Sharma said he owed all teachers an unreserved apology after he wrote they were 'underemployed'... [Read More]
Asylum seeker reports being assaulted by guard at Serco-run Yongah Hill detention centre... [Read More]
Poverty and poor education have contributed to deaths from malnutrition while disabilities often go untreated... [Read More]
Lawyers scrambled to get a legal injunction preventing the deportation but were kept from contacting the man in time... [Read More]
US-developed program costing nearly $5m over two years welcomed by advocates... [Read More]
Tabloid rails against 'PC world', republishing 'infamous' caricature by Mark Knight... [Read More]