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Budgets are one of the main reasons some people have difficulty managing their money, because they reinforce a scarcity mindset, according to self-made millionaire Grant... [Read More]
Bill Gates' net worth is officially $100 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire index. That makes him $24 billion richer than he was five years... [Read More]
Building wealth often takes smart saving strategies, but there are creative ways to achieve millionaire status more quickly, too. Some people get there by going... [Read More]
Millennials are spending more than $400 on designer dog clothes, according to Fashionista. As millennials delay traditional milestones, like getting married, buying a house, or... [Read More]
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The American government pays for a lot of things, but it doesn't cover everything other governments do. Americans still need to pay for things like... [Read More]
Hurricane Florence floodwaters may be receding, but it's still causing rivers to rise in some areas of southeastern North Carolina. The Cape Fear River is... [Read More]
Millennials' lives are a lot different than their parents' lives were at the same age, especially when it comes to college. College today is more expensive... [Read More]
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Monaco is a magnet for the wealthy and the elite thanks to its glamour and affluence. Every September, Monaco hosts the Monaco Yacht Show, the... [Read More]
Courtesy of Resource Generation Resource Generation is a group of wealthy American millennials who put their money toward social justice causes. The group... [Read More]
Kimberley White/Getty Images Marc Benioff and wife Lynne Benioff announced Sunday that they're buying Time magazine for $190 million. The acquisition will cost... [Read More]
There aren't any royals with fortunes to envy in America, but there are many heirs and heiresses set to inherit millions from American brands. These... [Read More]