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Hilton Als on the work of the photographer Dawoud Bey, who made art out of rea. [Read More]
Young Jean Lee's first Broadway play not only lacks the humor, recklessness, and passion of her earlier works; it refutes those things, writes Hilton Als. [Read More]
Hilton Als reviews John Doyle's staging, in which the forty-five-year-old actress has found someone who lets her play to her strengths. [Read More]
The playwright disturbs and entertains us, and makes us wonder what we're doing there, watching black actors perform being human, Hilton Als writes. [Read More]
Hilton Als on MOMA PS1's retrospective of the late theatre artist, which is a marvel of research and curatorial empathy. [Read More]
Among the liberating aspects of Cruz's writing is a magical realism that is not cloying but instead true to his characters. [Read More]
Hilton Als reviews George C. Wolfe's staging of "The Iceman Cometh," in which too much of the talk is sacrificed to keeping the action going. [Read More]
The new staging of the musical is an intimate extravaganza, packed with ideas about the body, gender roles, and fear of closeness. [Read More]
Hilton Als on Tony Kushner's masterwork, which reminds us how sexuality dictates and shapes its own culture. [Read More]
Hilton Als reviews Edward Albee's play, starring the legendary Glenda Jackson and directed by Joe Mantello. [Read More]
Hilton Als on the "She Ready" tour, which is at once an act of creation and an act of self-creation. [Read More]
Hilton Als writes that in the playwright's latest work, his slick cynicism threatens to overtake his real gifts. ... [Read More]
Hilton Als on the playwright's œuvre, which addresses race, dispossession, and madness. [Read More]
The work of an overlooked composer gets unearthed at the Kitchen. [Read More]
The director and playwright is back, with "Paradiso," a work that explores his interest in myth and the mundane. [Read More]
Satoshi Miyagi transforms the Shakespeare tragedy, at the Japan Society. [Read More]