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Neutrinos are nearly mass-less, charge-less particles that, on their paths through the vast expanse of space, pass through objects in their way. Given the particles'... [Read More]
About 100 trillion neutrinos pass through your body every second, and the number that passes through Earth is much higher. [Read More]
The life-cycle of stars is directly related to their mass. A star with a mass similar to the sun (about half to eight solar masses),... [Read More]
A new method of measurement is modeled on thermonuclear explosions on the surface of the stars, which are the second-most dense objects known in the... [Read More]
Even as the world is using more and more LED lights in a bid to reduce energy consumption, this switch to energy efficiency is turning... [Read More]
They consume less energy than older lighting technologies, cutting down the electricity bill, but their increasing use has led to higher levels of light pollution. [Read More]
A mysterious substance called dark matter and its equally mysterious counterpart, dark energy, were hypothesized almost a century ago to explain a number of otherwise... [Read More]
These two mysterious entities are together thought to account for over 95 percent of all energy in the observable universe, and are largely accepted as... [Read More]
The precious metal has been used by humans for thousands of years but despite its allure, we still don't fully understand how its deposits are... [Read More]
Gold is used as an international standard for currencies in the modern global financial system, but its use as a precious metal dates back thousands... [Read More]
Two days before it plunged into the thick atmosphere of Saturn, ending its 13-year mission to the gas giant system, NASA's spacecraft Cassini took its... [Read More]
NASA released a mosaic of 42 images Tuesday that were taken by its Cassini spacecraft Sept. 13, two days before its 13-year mission to the... [Read More]
If you add the word "mad" before your name, maybe people should start taking you seriously, at least the part about you being at least... [Read More]
"Mad" Mike Hughes doesn't believe in science and as he launches himself on a self-built rocket Saturday; he will also launch his bid to become... [Read More]
The Northwest Pacific region of the country faces an increased danger of both a devastating earthquake and a damaging tsunami, thanks to its location along... [Read More]
The region is along the Cascadia Subduction Zone, and compact seafloor sediments are heightening the pre-existing danger, a study claimed Monday. [Read More]
The alkali fly that inhabits Lake Mono near Yosemite National Park is an unusual and wonderful insect. Not only because other than bacteria and algae,... [Read More]
The flies, Ephydra hians, dive under the lake's surface to forage and lay eggs, and their unusual ability to remain dry was noticed by Mark... [Read More]
Days after the Tesla Roadster 2.0 made a surprise appearance at the company's semi-truck launch event Thursday, CEO Elon Musk suggested the fastest-accelerating car on... [Read More]
Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted Sunday night: "Rocket tech applied to a car opens up revolutionary possibilities." [Read More]