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While we now know that these highly powerful particles have extragalactic origins, we still don't know exactly where these cosmic rays come from. [Read More]
It has been over 56 years since Yuri Gagarin became the first human to go into space, and since then, hundreds of astronauts have followed... [Read More]
A study being conducted by the European Space Agency will simulate some of those effects by keeping volunteers in bed constantly for 60 days. [Read More]
The largest dinosaurs that roamed the Earth before a mass extinction event caused by an asteroid strike wiped them out (and 75 percent of all... [Read More]
The finding, which surprised the researchers who made the discovery, was based on analyzing the fossilized feces of dinosaurs that lived about 75 million years... [Read More]
Our home galaxy, the Milky Way, is the one that has been most thoroughly studied by astronomers, given its proximity. And while much is still... [Read More]
Astronomers use our knowledge of our home galaxy and its surroundings to create models for the rest of the universe, but that may be inherently... [Read More]
Even as human activity creates increasing amounts of pollution and adds more particulate matter to the atmosphere, there is one place where breathing is a... [Read More]
The competition to develop a more effective sensor than current technologies is being held by NASA, along with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. [Read More]
If you have browsed the internet enough, it is inevitable that you have seen advertisements for products or techniques that promise to enlarge your penis... [Read More]
Most birds don't have genitalia as part of their anatomy, but some ducks and swans are exceptions, with the males having long spiraling penises. [Read More]
The emblematic scavenging bird went extinct in the wild in 1987 and is listed as critically endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of... [Read More]
Even as the heavy-duty vehicle market awaits the launch of Tesla's electric truck, expected later this month, electric bus maker Proterra announced Tuesday its vehicle... [Read More]
The announcement from the heavy-duty electric vehicle space came days ahead of Tesla's expected launch of its all-electric truck. [Read More]
Black holes are dark and mysterious, but pretty commonplace. Even their larger counterparts, supermassive black holes, exist at the centers of pretty much every galaxy,... [Read More]
While black hole binaries are not uncommon, only one pair of orbiting supermassive black holes had been known so far. [Read More]
Vertebrate species in the so-called Goldilocks zone for size — neither too small nor too big — are at the lowest risk of going extinct,... [Read More]
When Earth formed about 4.6 billion years ago, its nascent atmosphere was almost non-existent and consisted primarily of compounds of hydrogen, such as methane, water vapor... [Read More]
Oxygen makes up almost 21 percent of the planet's present-day atmosphere, but didn't exist in its free form at all for about half of Earth's... [Read More]
Researchers from University of Sydney have created a microchip that converts data from photons into acoustics and then back to the optical domain, and it... [Read More]