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China is both the world's largest importer of crude oil and also Iran's biggest export market... [Read More]
The world's largest crude oil production company, Saudi Arabian state-owned Saudi Aramco, is looking to diversify its portfolio ahead of a planned public listing, in... [Read More]
The elks that inhabit Yellowstone National Park still have a free-run of the place, despite the presence of wolves, which were introduced in the park... [Read More]
Xiaomi, the Chinese startup manufacturing low-priced smartphones, is set for its stock market debut on July 9 in Hong Kong, and its initial public offering... [Read More]
Scientists have finally managed to pinpoint the location of all the ordinary matter in the universe, even though it is spread out, quite literally, all... [Read More]
Bithumb also hacked in July 2017 when over $1 million worth of cryptocurrencies was stolen... [Read More]
Populations of manta rays usually aggregate far from coastal areas, making the gentle giants of the sea hard to study, and even lesser is known... [Read More]
In the second such case in two weeks in South Korea, cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb was hacked into and a large amount of tokens stolen from... [Read More]
One of South Korea's largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume, Bithumb was hacked between late night Tuesday and early morning Wednesday (South Korean time), the... [Read More]
Swiss multinational healthcare company Roche Holdings has entered a definitive merger agreement with Foundation Medicine in a transaction that values the Cambridge, Massachusetts, company at... [Read More]
In April 2015, Roche bought a majority stake in Foundation Medicine. On Tuesday, the two companies announced a definitive merger agreement, in a transaction that... [Read More]
The problem of space debris — pieces of junk of various sizes, as large as a defunct satellite and smaller than a marble — is... [Read More]
The amount of space junk — pieces of debris, both large and small — in orbit around Earth is growing in number and poses a... [Read More]
The war of words over trade between the United States and China finally turned into an actual trade war Friday, after the administration of President... [Read More]
In retaliation to the $50 billion worth of tariffs announced by the United States, China said it would impose 25 percent import duty on U.S.... [Read More]
Google's primary consumer service, its internet search engine, is blocked in China because of the company's refusal to abide by the country's censorship laws, but... [Read More]
The "strategic partnership" between Google and Chinese online retailer, worth over half a billion dollars, was announced by the two companies Monday. [Read More]
Apple, the world's most-valued publicly traded company, has been trying to expand its product offering beyond the technological gadgets that have made it a household... [Read More]
12 minute commute between O'Hare Airport and downtown Chicago... [Read More]
the tunneling venture of SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk - has landed its first commercial deal, "to design, build, finance, operate and maintain an... [Read More]