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The fireworks began almost immediately onstage when the candidates met for the first debate in Texas's Senate race. [Read More]
The White House has been focused on staunch conservatives like Cruz, who could make or break Trump's potential nominee. [Read More]
Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, a centrist Democrat from North Dakota, was already facing a tough reelection battle this fall — and the looming battle over a... [Read More]
The tragically short life of war photojournalist Chris Hondros — and the changing role that dangerous profession plays in our understanding of world conflicts —... [Read More]
When Kevin Roman thinks about what happened at that tiny church in Sutherland Springs last November, he considers the clock: seven minutes. [Read More]
Jonesboro, Ark., is still traumatized by an attack carried out by two middle-school boys twenty years ago. [Read More]
Last Sunday, Joann Ward gathered her kids at their modest ranch house and took to the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs. She didn't return... [Read More]
Nearly two weeks after the attack in Los Vegas, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo revealed he still doesn't have the answers he has been seeking. [Read More]
"When people come in a lot, you recognize them," one worker said. "I wish I had never seen his face before." [Read More]
Hillary Clinton will make history on Friday, but probably not the kind she wanted. Here in this tiny town in remote northwestern Kansas, she... [Read More]
Crosses, each bearing the name of a murder victim, sit on the sidewalk along Michigan Avenue before the start of a Dec. 31 march to... [Read More]
It was Donald Trump's mantra in the final weeks of his insurgent campaign for the presidency. It was a phrase that seemed to apply... [Read More]
Mitt Romney leaves his campaign plane and passes Donald Trump's, after landing at McCarran International Airport on May 29, 2012, in Las Vegas. Mitt... [Read More]
By his own admission, Donald Trump wasn't supposed to be in Michigan, yet here he was, taking the stage in a sterile, echoing convention hall... [Read More]
A confident Hillary Clinton spent her final day on the presidential campaign trail flanked by pop stars, her family and the Obamas, promising to try... [Read More]
Hoping to capitalize on Hillary Clinton's new email issues, Donald Trump is seeking to expand his routes to victory by campaigning in Democratic-leaning states. [Read More]
Amid rumors of potentially more tapes showing him making inappropriate comments in the past, Donald Trump issued a threat to rival Hillary Clinton, saying Monday... [Read More]
In a freewheeling and unusual news conference, even for him, Donald Trump directly called on Russia to find the estimated 30,000 emails that Hillary Clinton... [Read More]
IndyStar has confirmed that Trump will announce Pence as his selection for vice president, ending a weeks-long vice presidential casting call during which Trump vetted... [Read More]
Donald Trump held the latest audition in his quest to find a vice presidential running mate, appearing at a campaign rally here Tuesday night with Indiana... [Read More]