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The president dusts off his "enemy of the people" phrase in the seemingly endless war with his two most aggressive newspaper adversaries. [Read More]
Democratic voters have to decide whether they want a 77-year-old curmudgeon with a socialist agenda who's not even a Democrat. [Read More]
Jeff Bezos authorized negotiations that he hoped would lead to a legal settlement with the National Enquirer. [Read More]
The second accusation of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh, published by the New Yorker, strikes me as highly problematic. [Read More]
The media are back in the business of reporting on Donald Trump's mood. [Read More]
After the nation was riveted by the Senate testimony of Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas, the Supreme Court nomination came to a vote. [Read More]
One of the depressing aspects of the cultural debate sparked by the accusation against Brett Kavanaugh is that so many politicians, pundits and ordinary people... [Read More]
In less than 24 hours, the Supreme Court confirmation process has been utterly transformed from a virtual certainty to a dramatic dilemma. [Read More]
Google may not be "rigged," as President Trump recently charged, but its leadership sure as hell is biased. [Read More]
As the media blast out dire warnings about the destructive power of Hurricane Florence, they are also beginning a familiar ritual involving President Trump. [Read More]
The Huffington Post headline was designed to get its anti-Trump readers to click. [Read More]
Les Moonves is the most powerful person to be toppled by the #MeToo movement. [Read More]
It is, without question, a colossal act of political disloyalty, a self-aggrandizing boast of the highest order, and a melding of the resistance with the... [Read More]
President Trump and his White House allies are mounting a counterattack on the Bob Woodward book, but let's just say he's no Omarosa. [Read More]
It would be tempting to call the Brett Kavanaugh hearing a circus, but that would be unfair to clowns and jugglers. [Read More]
Watch your Bangor News on WVII ABC 7 and WFVX Fox 22, ABC and Fox Affiliate in Bangor Maine... [Read More]
It seems like just about everyone is unhappy with Google at one time or another, given its dominant role in helping the world sort through... [Read More]
Lanny Davis, who has been engaged in high-stakes crisis management and political lawyering for decades, says he made a mistake. [Read More]
No matter when John McCain left this earth, he would have been praised to the skies by the journalists who admired him enormously, even though... [Read More]
So how much does all this sound and fury affect the midterms? [Read More]