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Democrats Denounce Ron DeSantis for 'Association with Hateful Organizations' - Humberto Fontova: "Ron DeSantis can abandon his post, but he can't avoid .09/22/2018 0:12:28AM EST. [Read More]
Les Moonves and MTV Chief Tom Freston Partied in Cuba and Found Fidel Castro 'Fascinating and Charismatic!' - Humberto Fontova: "Talk about a power lunch:... [Read More]
He took up the Elian Gonzalez case pro-bono against the INS returning him to Cuba..09/08/2018 0:49:11AM EST. [Read More]
Did John McCain Collude with Terrorists? - Humberto Fontova: "McCain Campaign Palling Around with Terrorists in Miami?...Observers point to .09/01/2018 1:29:19AM EST. [Read More]
CNN forgot about Mimi Alford..08/25/2018 0:32:47AM EST. [Read More]
John Brennan Was Long a Danger to US National Security - Humberto Fontova: "Mr Brennan has a history that calls into question his .08/18/2018 0:11:21AM... [Read More]
If CNNs Jim Acosta spoke to the mass-murdering Stalinist dictator Raul Castro with half the insolence he sputters at White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee... [Read More]
Bernie Sanders Smitten with Cuba's Healthcare - Humberto Fontova: "It would be wrong not to state that in Cuba .08/04/2018 0:06:40AM EST. [Read More]
These Mexicans are mostly a rabble of illiterate Indians, Che Guevara often snickered..07/07/2018 23:58:52PM EST. [Read More]
The Fuhrers swastika is today Israels banner!(Fidel Castro, June 2010.).05/27/2018 0:08:01AM EST. [Read More]
Well, so much for that agonizing reappraisal (allowing truth) by the media/Hollywood complex on the Kennedys. Naturally we were asking too much. .04/28/2018 13:46:26PM EST. [Read More]
I refer, of course, to the Bay of Pigs freedom-fight, 57 years ago this week..04/14/2018 23:13:00PM EST. [Read More]
Fidel Castro and Che Guevara's regime jailed 35,150 Cuban women (many of them actually girls in their late teens) for political crimes, a totalitarian horror... [Read More]
Senator Leahy and his Democrat delegation are doing their best to resume this cash flow to the terror-sponsors on our doorstep..03/03/2018 8:40:44AM EST. [Read More]
So when will these Democrat Parkland protestors disavow their championship by a murderous (and child-murdering) totalitarian regime?.02/24/2018 2:54:14AM EST. [Read More]
If you actually read the New York Times, WaPo, CNN, etc. accounts of the Stalinist Kim Yo-jong at the Seoul Olympics theyre pretty tamenothing remotely... [Read More]
It's not enough that the Castro family endorsed Hillary Clinton from their home base. They also actively joined the campaign-- and right here on U.S.... [Read More]
Not that these black lawmakers are unique in their Castro-swooning! Not by a long shot! Many members of the Fake News Media fully matchif not... [Read More]
Dont bother looking for this in the Mainstream Media, amigos. Best I can do is link it in Spanish..01/27/2018 1:20:18AM EST. [Read More]
A Scarlet Letter (A) once marked a harlot (OK, OK! by Puritan New England 1650 standards!) In 1944-45 a French woman with a shaved head... [Read More]