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When Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish arrived to "The Breakfast Club"'s studio to promote their new movie Night School, Hart came with an agenda: letting... [Read More]
You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. Your host: Jordan Peele. CBS announced Thursday that Peele... [Read More]
Mahershala Ali could make instructions from your dentist's office sound compelling. So could Ethan Hawke, and so could Lana Condor of To All The Boys... [Read More]
"Remember, love is what brought you here," Regina King says in the trailer for Barry Jenkins's Moonlight follow-up, If Beale Street Could Talk. "And if... [Read More]
A month after Danny Boyle exited the new James Bond movie (over differences, creative differences), Bond 25 has found a new director: True Detective's Cary... [Read More]
Don't you love it when a dear friend turns on you, spilling some real (and embarrassing) tea? It's hard out there for an impressively talented... [Read More]
When Thandie Newton gave her thank-yous after winning Outstanding Supporting Actress for her work in Westworld, part of the actress's speech was bleeped out. "I... [Read More]
With raves from Toronto and Venice, A Star Is Born's star is already crowning. The Bradley Cooper–Lady Gaga drama follows the beats of the three... [Read More]
According to Sean Penn, the #MeToo movement has been inspired by a "receptacle of the salacious." In an interview with the Today show about his... [Read More]
One week after Mac Miller's death, Ariana Grande has written an elegy for the rapper on Instagram. "i adored you from the day i met... [Read More]
One week after Mac Miller's death, his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande has written an elegy for the rapper on Instagram. "i adored you from the day... [Read More]
Jake Gyllenhaal inadvertently helped James Baldwin's estate approve Barry Jenkins's plans to adapt his novel "If Beale Street Could Talk." [Read More]
In A Simple Favor, Blake Lively wears bespoke suits and seems to appear and disappear as soon as she clinks her martini glass?. As Emily... [Read More]
Sabrina Spellman's Super Satanic 16 gets spooky and skeletal in the first teaser for Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Kiernan Shipka stars as the half-witch,... [Read More]
"Having a baby is an immoral act. Overpopulation, climate change, rise of neo-fascism …" Rachel (Kathryn Hahn) says in the trailer for Netflix's new movie... [Read More]
Are you as curious about the pizza-themed romantic comedy Little Italy as we are? Call it Emma Roberts'a Voyage to (Little) Italy: In this clip... [Read More]
Roses are red, violets are blue, Debra Messing and Susan Sarandon are feuding about leftist politics again — what's new with you? After Sarandon told... [Read More]
And now the Coen brothers present: The wicky wicky wild wild west! In The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, described as "six-part Western anthology film," the... [Read More]
A little over a week after Cosby Show alum Geoffrey Owens was job-shamed for working at Trader Joe's, the actor has booked another role. ET... [Read More]
A group of vultures is called a committee, but is there a name for a group of Vulture faves gathering for one Netflix movie? André... [Read More]