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It looks flat, it feels flat, for all intents and purposes, the world is flat according to "flat Earth" believers. "Was there ever any debate... [Read More]
How can elephants fend off ivory poachers? By never growing tusks at all. [Read More]
Four little girls recently reunited for one very special photo shoot in Florida. McKinley, Chloe, Ava and Lauren, all between the ages of 4 and 5, beat... [Read More]
An ongoing outbreak of a rare eye infection has been discovered in contact lens wearers in the UK, a new study reveals. Researchers at University... [Read More]
Gov. Jerry Brown ordered an audit Friday of the Department of Motor Vehicles in light of long wait times at field offices. "Long wait times... [Read More]
A Michigan mother had to appear in court after taking a cellphone away from her teenage daughter as a punishment. Jodie May, of Grandville, Mich.,... [Read More]
In the days following the death of Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Stasuk in the line of duty, the community is coming together to show... [Read More]
A woman is accused of using glitter glue and crayons to get drugs to her boyfriend inside of a Virginia jail. Krystal Milne, a 33-year-old... [Read More]
A French bus driver who slapped a 12-year-old boy who ran out into the road faces disciplinary action—but more than 300,000 people so far have... [Read More]
A Jet Airways flight from Mumbai to Jaipur was forced to turn back Thursday after around 30 passengers complained of nose and ear bleeds due... [Read More]
A man convicted for kidnapping a Vallejo woman back in 2015 will be in court next week representing himself, according to the Solano County District... [Read More]
The California Capital Airshow gives thousands of people lesson on the history of the U.S. military every year, but the Navy is using the technology... [Read More]
As the community mourns the loss of Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Stasyuk, who was killed in the line of duty on Monday, some are... [Read More]
A California man and two teenagers have been arrested for allegedly faking the death of a young boy in order to collect funeral donations. Deputies... [Read More]
A 5-year-old child was severely injured Tuesday after being thrown from a pickup truck along Highway 1 in Aptos. California Highway Patrol officers say the... [Read More]
More disturbing details were revealed in the arrest of a Texas home day care owner accused of abusing the babies and toddlers she cared for. [Read More]
1-year-old dog became seriously ill after ingesting a low-carb sweetener called Xylitol. [Read More]
Police say officers have arrested a man involved in a fiery crash on Friday that killed one person. Avenesh Mal, 32, was arrested and booked... [Read More]
United States Postal Service inspectors say a postal worker took cash, gift cards and checks from thousands of envelopes addressed to Wisconsin residents. Ebony Smith,... [Read More]
The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department says an officer was shot Monday afternoon in Rancho Cordova. The officer's condition was not immediately known, and sheriff's department... [Read More]