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Apple has updated its old patent on a folding device that suggests the company is still working on a folding iPad, iPhone or Macbook... [Read More]
Gmail is getting new features that make it even more useful and more like a desktop email client than ever. [Read More]
A smart plug and a subwoofer were both leaked on Amazon's site... [Read More]
Millions of users could be affected as WhatsApp phases out support for older phones... [Read More]
Some people love it, some people are avoiding it, but most are surprised... [Read More]
On Monday the company will reveal who is going to be the first person to fly to the moon in 46 years... [Read More]
Sometimes even artificial intelligence isn't enough to get you a date... [Read More]
Google's Inbox app is set to close after failing to convince users that it was better than Gmail... [Read More]
Apple has boosted the processor in the new iPhones to give better performance... [Read More]
Apple has added new health features to its smartwatch which could save lives... [Read More]
Apple has closed its online store as it prepares to launch a range of new products... [Read More]
Want to watch Apple launch its new iPhones? Here's how to watch live... [Read More]
Apple's new iOS update will offer performance improvements, new photo options and a T Rex... [Read More]
Designed to train medical staff how to deal with real children, this robotic youngster is amazingly realistic... [Read More]
Ditch the train, dump the car and dispatch the bus. It's time to cycle to work. Our writer Ian Morris tests out two commuter bikes... [Read More]
Stephen R. Platt's "Imperial Twilight" describes what may have been the British Empire's darkest hour. [Read More]
Google has had some Pixel leaks and they suggest it's keen not to repeat the mistakes of last year. [Read More]
Call me a fanboy until the cows come home, but Apple's AirPods are very nearly the perfect gadget. [Read More]
Vodafone service Voxi is only open to under 30s, and that feels wrong in a day and age where age discrimination is wrong. [Read More]
Have a brilliant bank holiday with these ideas from Halfords... [Read More]