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Despite the post-2016 surge of activism—the protests and the calls to Congress that have been the only silver lining in this cesspool of a presidency—the... [Read More]
Rama Issa-Ibrahim, the executive director of the Arab American Association of New York (AAANY), was already in the midst of a crisis before the news... [Read More]
This bill takes from the middle class to give to the rich. [Read More]
A fence stands at the US / Mexico border in a photo taken on February 17, 2014. (Photo: BBC World Service; Edited: LW / TO)... [Read More]
Nepotism is alive and well in the White House. According to an investigation published by the Daily Beast on Monday, the members of least 20... [Read More]
The Democratic Party, never one to turn down a circular firing squad, headed into the weekend before a critical governor's race in Virginia squabbling over... [Read More]
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When the NRA finally emerged from its conspicuous silence following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, it showed a very slight crack in its anti-gun... [Read More]
It's going to be a long recovery from Hurricane Maria's devastation. [Read More]
Donald Trump wants to cap the number of refugees allowed in the United States at 45,000, as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson briefed Congress on... [Read More]
While Donald Trump was threatening to destroy North Korea in his first major speech to the United Nations, Reps. Adriano Espaillat (D-NY), Luis V. Gutierrez... [Read More]
Donald Trump is just "an ordinary Republican," and that's bad for the U.S. going forward... [Read More]
Immigrant advocacy groups and the young DREAMers sprang into action on Sunday night after word emerged of Trump's plan to end DACA. [Read More]
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With that in mind, there are a variety of ways to help, both for Charlottesville specifically and to fight racism in general. This is not... [Read More]
Sadie, 3, wore red-rimmed sunglasses to the Rally for Peace and Sanity at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, New York. As elected officials denounced racism... [Read More]
A new texting tool helps connect resisters to bigger protests, bigger media and bigger change... [Read More]
Beverly Tuberville says Indivisible Oklahoma faces an uphill battle—but it's one worth fighting. [Read More]
About 3.2 million people around the world attended the D.C. Women's March or one of its satellite marches, according to estimates from FiveThirtyEight. There are... [Read More]
On Wednesday, DACA recipients and allies from across the country arrived in Austin, Texas for a rally and sit-in to show their commitment to protecting... [Read More]