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The Oscar-winning actress received praise for joining the chorus of voices condemning accused sexual predator Harvey Weinstein—yet she's defended working with Allen and Polanski. [Read More]
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Anthony Rapp ('Rent') opens up to Ira Madison about playing the groundbreaking Lt. Stamets and what it's like to be an openly gay actor in... [Read More]
What a scorching hot mess. [Read More]
Nearly 15 years after his 'Nipplegate' stunt left Janet Jackson blacklisted, he's returning to the Super Bowl. But before he takes the halftime stage, he... [Read More]
The female MC's hit single "Bodak Yellow" has claimed the No. 1 spot from "Look What You Made Me Do." And the two songs—and artists—couldn't... [Read More]
The new CBS show, created by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman, is at once a striking homage to the original and a thrilling new take... [Read More]
Darren Aronofsky's latest, starring Jennifer Lawrence, is a horror film. And a damn fine one at that. [Warning: Spoilers] [Read More]