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When US president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un held a summit in June, Singapore was chosen as the venue over other…... [Read More]
In April, Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte ordered a six-month closure of the tourist hotspot of Boracay after he said poor sewage treatment there had turned…... [Read More]
In a week when autocratic governments seemed more emboldened than ever to flex their power, and Brazil, a major Latin American democracy, looks set to…... [Read More]
Following a scandal last year where impoverished girls in South Korea were found to be using the insoles of shoes in place of sanitary napkins,…... [Read More]
Members of the US Congress are stepping up pressure on China over its treatment of its Muslim Uyghur population. Lawmakers of the bipartisan Congressional-Executive Commission…... [Read More]
Koreans are immensely proud of their alphabet, known as hangul (also hangeul), and celebrate it every year with a public holiday on Oct. 9. However,…... [Read More]
Perlin hopes to provide an alternative to Amazon through a decentralized, crypto-linked network with the unused power of devices like feature phones in India. [Read More]
Many of the scammers are Nigerian men based in Malaysia posing as professionals from European or North American countries. [Read More]
On the second day of a three-day summit between Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong Un, the leaders of the two Koreas made bold declarations that…... [Read More]
Moon has the most difficult of diplomatic tasks—bridging the gulf between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump, and persuading Kim to commit to full denuclearization. [Read More]
Soon after Facebook booted senior general Min Aung Hlaing, commander-in-chief of the armed forces of Myanmar, for spreading hate speech, he found a new home…... [Read More]
For many Japanese, Namie Amuro is the songstress of a time in the country's history that is coming to a close. [Read More]
After scrapping a regressive 19th century law that criminalised homosexuality, India has joined the ranks of the few former colonies to abandon a lasting legacy…... [Read More]
Nauru, a Taiwan ally, called a Chinese delegate to the Pacific Islands Forum a "nobody" and accused China of bullying. [Read More]
A 6.7-magnitude quake hit Japan's northern island of Hokkaido early today (Sept. 6), leaving at least two dead and 140 injured, and 40 missing by…... [Read More]
The final soccer match between South Korea and Japan in the Asian Games which took place last Saturday (Sep.1) was more than just a sports…... [Read More]
Almost every African nation sent a representative to this week's Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Beijing, eager for a slice of China's new investment…... [Read More]
The company removed the accounts of 20 individuals or groups in Myanmar to "prevent them from using our service to further inflame ethnic and religious... [Read More]
There are now over 400 officially sanctioned markets across North Korea, as private enterprise plays an ever greater role in the tightly controlled economy. [Read More]
He's the country's sixth in 11 years. [Read More]