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"Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner has been accused of making a sexually charged remark by the series' writer Kater Gordon, a report published Thursday said. While... [Read More]
A longtime family aide to President Donald Trump, Lynne Patton had reportedly discussed removing the tax exemption status of the Church of Scientology with the... [Read More]
President Donald Trump gave his support for the removal of the Church of Scientology's tax-exempt status, a report has said, citing the information given by... [Read More]
"Mad Men" writer Kater Gordon claimed Thursday that show creator Matthew Weiner sexually harassed her. [Read More]
Due to a failing business, relations had turned sour between Ramon Sosa and his wife and that led to her plotting her husband's murder by... [Read More]
In a disturbing incident, a boxing coach, Ramon Sosa, 50, had staged his own death in 2015 with the help of police. He did so to... [Read More]
Former President Barack Obama returned home Wednesday when he reported for jury duty in Chicago. However, by noon the Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans told... [Read More]
Would be jurors inside the courtroom were excited to see former President Barack Obama joining them Wednesday. [Read More]
Former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn is worried over the potential legal exposure of his son Michael G. Flynn in the ongoing investigation... [Read More]
Mueller's focus on Flynn Jr. might be a tactic to coerce Flynn into cooperating with the investigation, a report said citing some legal experts. [Read More]
In a major defeat to the administration of President Donald Trump, voters in the purple state of Maine decided Tuesday to expand access to the... [Read More]
The woman was repeatedly told that the restaurant does not serve French fries, however, she kept asking for it. [Read More]
A white woman was recorded calling an employee of Taco Bell — chain of fast-food restaurants based in Irvine, California, — racist for not letting her... [Read More]
Indian-American Ravinder Bhalla became the first ever Sikh mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey, after winning Tuesday night's election, following an ugly campaign where he was branded as... [Read More]
In a major defeat to the administration of President Donald Trump, voters in the purple state of Maine decided Tuesday to expand access to the... [Read More]
Devin Kelley, the Texas church shooter, apparently had a trigger-happy temper, according to Ralph Martinez, who was his best friend during their teenage years. "He was... [Read More]
The Texas church shooter's teenage best friend said that the gunman would often engage into verbally aggressive arguments during growing up years but never actually... [Read More]
The national capital of India, New-Delhi, has been engulfed in pollution as residents woke up to "severe" air quality Tuesday. Pollution levels breached the permissible standards... [Read More]
Residents of the national capital of India, Delhi, and National Capital Region (NCR) are facing tough times as air pollution levels reach to alarming levels. [Read More]
Rapper Meek Mill, whose real name is Robert Williams, was sentenced to two to four years in prison in Pennsylvania on Monday for violating probation, reports said.... [Read More]