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The government criticized the city's housing authority for failing to fulfill a promise to safeguard residents from toxic dust during lead-paint removals. [Read More]
The Investigation Department is looking into how information about elevated lead levels in children in public housing was shared with housing officials. [Read More]
Some loyal supporters on the left say that Mayor Bill de Blasio has fallen short on fully delivering on several progressive issues. [Read More]
The shortcomings, noted in a federal filing, include noncompliance linked to employee overtime and tenant protections during the eviction process. [Read More]
Mayor Bill de Blasio said he should not have to be deposed in a federal lawsuit over housing policy because he has nothing unique to... [Read More]
New York City financed the creation or preservation of 32,000 units of affordable housing last year, officials said, outstripping even totals seen under Mayor Ed... [Read More]
On the eve of the fourth anniversary of the death of Eric Garner, police officials said Monday they will not wait past Aug. 31 to... [Read More]
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo appeared to embrace elements of a state Health Department report that favored legalizing, regulating and taxing marijuana. [Read More]
The Border Patrol said that Mayor de Blasio crossed illegally while on a trip to Texas to protest President Trump's immigration crackdown. [Read More]
The effort could last at least two years, cost at least $80 million and occupy much of the remainder of Mayor Bill de Blasio's tenure... [Read More]
In announcing the new undertaking, which could take two years and cost $80 million, Mayor Bill de Blasio likened it to a "Vision Zero approach... [Read More]
As boss of the Queens County Democratic Party, Representative Joseph Crowley held sway over many things, but that did not prevent his primary defeat. [Read More]
Though they care for other people's children, members of the United Federation of Teachers had not been given paid time off to care for babies.... [Read More]
The raid by city and federal investigators was separate from the civil settlement between Mayor Bill de Blasio and federal prosecutors, and appeared to be... [Read More]
The budget continues the sustained rise in spending that has come under Mr. de Blasio's watch, coming in $4 billion over last year's budget. [Read More]
Prosecutors also said Nycha covered up its actions, including lying about lead paint in its buildings, potentially poisoning more children than previously believed. [Read More]
Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council speaker, Corey Johnson, have agreed in principle to use city funds to begin paying for a "fair... [Read More]
New York City's public housing system, the nation's oldest and largest, stood out for its stability and good management. Now it is expected to get... [Read More]
Along with the repairs, a federal monitor would oversee the New York City Housing Authority as part of a consent decree being finalized by the... [Read More]
For Rudolph Giuliani, getting booed in a place he was once revered was not just a personal slight, but a sign of how much he... [Read More]