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The Swiss company Barry Callebaut says it will market the pink confection to hedonistic young people. At least one chocolate expert is skeptical. [Read More]
Lifelong fan of University of Southern California's football team enjoys "awesome moment." [Read More]
The long-snapper, Jake Olson, had both of his eyes removed before he was a teenager because of retinoblastoma, a cancer of the retina. [Read More]
Model who was to star in ad campaign made a Facebook post about the "racial violence of white people," sparking a tabloid furor in the... [Read More]
Munroe Bergdorf posted on social media about "the racial violence of white people" and was dropped from a makeup advertising campaign. [Read More]
A Georgia officer is being investigated for telling a white woman she had nothing to fear. His lawyer said he was trying to gain her... [Read More]
All the residents of the nursing home were rescued by emergency responders on Sunday afternoon. [Read More]
Remember the photograph of women stuck in rising, murky floodwaters in Dickinson, Tex., on Sunday? Here's where they are now. [Read More]
Residents of La Vita Bella retirement home in Dickinson photographed bobbing in stagnant rainwater as writer tweets image calling for help... [Read More]
The story behind the photo of the flooding in Texas that went viral on social media. [Read More]
Almost as soon as the water began seeping into the assisted-living center in Dickinson, Texas, Susan Bobrick knew about it. [Read More]
A picture of residents partly submerged at an assisted-living center in Dickinson, Tex., prompted an outcry on social media. [Read More]
He served six terms as sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona before earning a criminal conviction and a presidential pardon. The Times first covered him... [Read More]
The Texas Department of Criminal Justice said that about 4,500 inmates would be transported from three prisons as the Brazos River continued to rise. [Read More]
About 4,500 prisoners in Rosharon, Tex., were being bused to other facilities as the nearby Brazos River rose under heavy rain from Tropical Storm Harvey. [Read More]
After reviewing a female trainee's allegations of assault, the Army found indications of additional misconduct. The fort only recently integrated women into its training programs. [Read More]
For the third time since mid-July, police body-camera footage has led to investigations and prompted prosecutors to drop dozens of criminal cases. [Read More]
A guide to reporting by The New York Times about the former White House chief strategist and the news he generated during his 366 days... [Read More]
The man who would become a Confederate general wanted to correct an article about freeing the slaves on his family's estate. [Read More]
World history is littered with the shattered remains of removed statues, and attention is now falling toward the American South. [Read More]