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The men were fatally stabbed after they tried to stop a man who was yelling at two women who appeared Muslim, the police said. [Read More]
The airline canceled flights from Heathrow and Gatwick airports in London on Saturday after what it said was a "major I.T. failure" caused a global... [Read More]
They have been yelled at, exposed to pepper spray, pinned by security and even arrested on the job. Now a reporter has accused a House... [Read More]
The bag, which contains traces of priceless moon dust, has been on a wild ride for the half-century since it came back on the Apollo... [Read More]
The chief financial officer for Soupman Inc., which licensed recipes of the chef made famous by "Seinfeld," is accused of avoiding taxes by paying workers... [Read More]
The big game hunter was leading a group in a hunt in Zimbabwe when he was killed. [Read More]
Elephant fell on South African man after it was shot by another hunter. [Read More]
A South African big game hunter was killed in Zimbabwe on Friday... [Read More]
Scott Michael Greene admitted to killing two police officers one morning last November. He pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder. [Read More]
A Cuba native, Rene Lima-Marin could be deported following his release from a Colorado prison, despite the life he built after a mistaken release in... [Read More]
Jayson Negron, 15, appeared to be alive and handcuffed in a short video. But the Bridgeport police said he had died quickly of a gunshot... [Read More]
The music festival, nicknamed "Oldchella," was a hit in October. Despite the hopes of fans, there will be no encore this year — or Led... [Read More]
The man was waving an unloaded gun and asking to be killed. Officer Stephen Mader tried to calm him down, but another officer arrived and... [Read More]
Are you a computer programmer with an eye for aeronautics? NASA could use your help. [Read More]
Few of the 217 Republicans who approved legislation to repeal and replace parts of the Affordable Care Act chose to defend their votes at public... [Read More]
After a comic book character was adopted by alt-right extremists, its creator tried to reclaim him. That failed, and Pepe was laid to rest Saturday. [Read More]
As Flint tries to collect $5.8 million, residents who didn't pay their bills during a lead contamination crisis are now at risk of losing their... [Read More]
If you live in the United States, there is a nearly one-in-four chance your tap water is either unsafe to drink or has not been... [Read More]
One in four Americans' water systems are in violation of safety laws, a report from the Natural Resources Defense Council found. [Read More]
Monday marked the first time a black woman has ever served as the university's student government president. That same day, the bananas appeared. [Read More]