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Ruling was legal victory for families... [Read More]
The 2018 lawsuit argued that peddling bogus stories and conspiracy theories — including about the families of slain children at Sandy Hook — was essential... [Read More]
Relatives of Sandy Hook victims sued the show's host, Alex Jones, for suggesting the shooting was a hoax. Now they will gain access to his... [Read More]
Four black men were accused of raping a white woman in Florida in 1949. Two were killed. Two were imprisoned. On Friday, they were pardoned. [Read More]
A new hashtag has survivors of sexual abuse answering the question: Why didn't you say something sooner? [Read More]
Man forced himself on top of her 'so quickly' that she froze, writer says... [Read More]
Patti Davis, the author and daughter of President Ronald Reagan, came forward Friday with an account about being sexually assaulted decades ago, adding her voice... [Read More]
In an opinion piece defending Christine Blasey Ford, the former first daughter wrote: "Your memory snaps photos of the details that will haunt you forever." [Read More]
Valentino Dixon's case gained widespread attention because of the art he created in prison, and the help he received from a dogged team of university... [Read More]
Evelyn Rodriguez invited to Donald Trump's State of the Union address in January as an advocate for victims of gang violence... [Read More]
Ms. Rodriguez, who was a vocal advocate for victims of MS-13 gang members, attended the State of the Union address in January at President Trump's... [Read More]
The cause of the flames remains unclear, but officials are telling people to evacuate if they smell gas. [Read More]
The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback will be one face of the 30th anniversary of Nike's "Just Do It" campaign. In reaction, one customer "just... [Read More]
Colin Kaepernick's campaign with Nike prompted anger online from those critical of the former N.F.L. quarterback's protests of police killings of black people. [Read More]
Racist robocalls targeting Andrew Gillum, the first black nominee for Florida governor from a major party, have been placed to residents from an out-of-state white... [Read More]
The calls, tied to a white supremacist entity, came days after Mr. Gillum became the first black person nominated by a major party to be... [Read More]
When public school students in Detroit return to their classrooms next week for the first day of the school year, the water fountains will be... [Read More]
Testing found elevated levels of lead or copper at dozens of district's schools. [Read More]
Faucets and water fountains will be switched off when students return to public schools next week, but the district will provide water bottles. [Read More]
And a roundup of other stories from around the world... [Read More]