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When excerpts from Michael Wolff's tell-all book "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" were unveiled recently, a few sharp-eyed students of religion noticed... [Read More]
This alleged remark has seemingly left at least some of these advisers uncomfortable enough to counter with their own words on the topic. [Read More]
Website FaithLeaks launches with goal of rooting out abuse and corruption in churches. New study says North Korea is worst place for Christian persecution. Leaders... [Read More]
'Christians in the Middle East, the vast majority of them, believe American evangelicals have crocodile tears,' said Wadie Abu Nassar, a Catholic political analyst based... [Read More]
'I can marry you! I'm an internet Unitarian minister,' Kushner is quoted as saying. [Read More]
This week, Michele and Igor chat with two guests and discuss the intersection of religion and politics, specifically Christian nationalism and the pairing of progressivism... [Read More]
The halls of power are crowded with collars, stoles, and yarmulkes this week, as groups from across the religious spectrum descend on Capitol Hill to... [Read More]
Repealing the so-called Johnson Amendment — a tax code provision that bars churches and other nonprofits from endorsing political candidates — has become something of... [Read More]
With media attention focused on the national debate raging over health care, it would be easy to ignore the spending bill quietly making its way... [Read More]
Just six months after several worshippers at a Quebec City mosque were shot and killed in a mass shooting, the Islamic center has reportedly received... [Read More]
For years, conservatives ignored them. Some dismissed them. Others chided their prayerful efforts as ineffectual or destined for failure. But this year, right-wing media outlets... [Read More]
A group of Pennsylvania Catholic nuns are suing to protect their land from potential pipeline construction an unusual legal argument: religious liberty, specifically one popularized... [Read More]
It wasn't supposed to be this way. Founded in 2006, the microblogging service was unveiled as a shiny new online space where users of all... [Read More]
A group of prominent clergy were arrested Thursday on Capitol Hill while peacefully protesting the Republican health care bill, describing the legislation as "immoral" and... [Read More]
A federal judge has halted the deportations of roughly 1,400 Iraqi nationals — many of whom are Chaldean Christians who fear persecution in their homeland... [Read More]
As evidence continues to emerge of Russia's alleged attempts at the direction of Vladimir Putin to disrupt the 2016 election through nefarious means, President Donald... [Read More]
it would also…... [Read More]
Less than a week before Donald Trump was elected president in last November, his wife Melania declared before a Pennsylvania crowd that one of her... [Read More]
Right-wing bloggers and writers are up in arms over recent comments made by Muslim activist Linda Sarsour, saying she called for a "jihad" against the... [Read More]
At least that's the none-too-subtle message of President Donald Trump's speech in Warsaw, Poland on Thursday, where the business mogul outlined a dark, dualistic vision... [Read More]