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It was one of 21 states DHS officials claim were targeted. [Read More]
Another piece of the messed-up puzzle that was the 2016 U.S. presidential election fell into place today, as the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that... [Read More]
It's past time that the American people saw the content weaponized against them. [Read More]
Apple's iOS 11 is finally here, and like with every major iPhone and iPad update, it brings with it a host of exciting new features... [Read More]
In failing to correctly patch a known vulnerability and exposing the personal data of potentially 143 million Americans to hackers, Equifax made a security blunder... [Read More]
Chill everyone. Just chill. No, the $999 iPhone X is not too expensive. Nor is it out of the reach of the average American. In... [Read More]
When it comes to your home computer, you likely don't need paid antivirus software. [Read More]
And at least one person says the same crew was responsible. [Read More]
All you wanted was a faster computer. You thought that by downloading CCleaner, a popular and free app for optimizing PC performance, you'd sweep out... [Read More]
The credit reporting agency suffered a huge breach. [Read More]
Why we should be freaked out. [Read More]
But, still don't try this at home. [Read More]
"No Alexa, I don't want to go into that creepy haunted attic. Let's try the basement, instead." Thanks to the BBC, the conversations you... [Read More]
Business in the front, illegal file-sharing in the back. [Read More]
not just "high-profile" ones - appear to have had their contact info stolen as well. [Read More]
Ah, the police body camera. It's brought us such disturbing hits as a Baltimore cop appearing to plant drugs on someone, an officer telling a... [Read More]
It's a brutal video, but it's good we have it. [Read More]
They're there if you look hard enough. [Read More]
The biggest tech event of the year is about to go down at Apple Park's Steve Jobs Theater, and while numerous stories have predicted what... [Read More]
The company is notifying every single verified account holder. [Read More]