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He once again jokes about the transgender community. [Read More]
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Someone suggested the celebrity is involved in a child trafficking ring, and oh man Teigen was not having it. [Read More]
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The fees are too darn high. [Read More]
Privacy has never been more important. [Read More]
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From Facebook, to Twitter, to cute-dog-friendly Instagram, we've started to reevaluate our relationships with social media. [Read More]
Take. A. Deep. Breath. [Read More]
A $100 million dollar pizza just doesn't seem right. [Read More]
Yeah, that's a thing. [Read More]
Your boss may not be the only one seeing your receipts. [Read More]
The IRS won a judgement in its favor against the cryptocurrency exchange. [Read More]
And, surprise, he had ties to a Russian security agency. [Read More]
Apple only issued a public statement about it on November 28. [Read More]
So your macOS High Sierra-running machine is vulnerable to hackers. Like, really vulnerable.  Thankfully, there's a simple way to protect yourself — so long as... [Read More]
Welp. [Read More]
It's actually pretty easy. [Read More]