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Conservationists hope that AI tools can help them keep up with poachers decimating the world's wildlife populations. [Read More]
"I was furious at him as a child, but how I love him for it now." [Read More]
This week, false information alleging "genocide" against South Africa's white farmers spread from a fringe white-rights group in the African nation to the the Twitter…... [Read More]
It can be difficult to comprehend how easily Africa has been erased from world history. One powerful example is its involvement in World War I,…... [Read More]
The baobab tree is one of the most iconic symbols of the African landscape. With its gnarly, root-like branches, it is often described as the…... [Read More]
Say the word braai or shishanyama to a South African and you'll conjure up a host of memories: the smell of lamb chops and boerewors…... [Read More]
To celebrate Mother's Day, Quartz staff collected story ideas from our mothers and sought to answer them. This mother asks: How can I build a…... [Read More]
The head of South Africa's Market Photo Workshop, Lekgetho Makola, is very particular about how the historic Johannesburg photography school describes its teaching model. "We…... [Read More]
Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, passionate anti-apartheid activist and ex-wife of South Africa's first black president, Nelson Mandela, has died at age 81. The news was first confimed…... [Read More]
Accra, Ghana Ghana is the world's fastest growing economy, with a government set on attracting investment and tourism. But residents of its biggest city, from…... [Read More]
South Africa president Jacob Zuma handed in his resignation today (Feb. 14), after weeks of painful and protracted discussions with the country's ruling African National... [Read More]
People have high expectations for Meryl Streep's appearance in the next season of Big Little Lies. My personal hope? That her character will wear glasses—because,…... [Read More]
A number of universities across Africa are creating free online courses in the hope that they will democratize access to education, inspire more collaboration and…... [Read More]
South Africa's ruling ANC party has selected what will likely be the country's next president: businessman and former political stalwart Cyril Ramaphosa. The vote for…... [Read More]
Have you ever stared at a rising full moon and felt the crushing realization of how small and alone you are in the universe? Just... [Read More]
A battle is underway in Africa's game parks between poachers hunting down wildlife and the rangers protecting them. And the rangers have called in the... [Read More]
I grew up watching American holiday traditions on television—from South Africa. Roaring fires, Thanksgiving dinners, falling snowflakes, and cozy family scenes flashed across my TV…... [Read More]
If deposed Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe is indeed forced into exile in South Africa, as has been proposed, he will be escaping to a less... [Read More]
If you found yourself scrolling through Facebook recently and clicking on a social quiz asking: "How well do you know your African geography?" you'll probably…... [Read More]
When it comes to the global wildlife trade, conservationists have a long list of things to be worried about. They might need to add hippos... [Read More]