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Have you ever stared at a rising full moon and felt the crushing realization of how small and alone you are in the universe? Just... [Read More]
A battle is underway in Africa's game parks between poachers hunting down wildlife and the rangers protecting them. And the rangers have called in the... [Read More]
I grew up watching American holiday traditions on television—from South Africa. Roaring fires, Thanksgiving dinners, falling snowflakes, and cozy family scenes flashed across my TV…... [Read More]
If deposed Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe is indeed forced into exile in South Africa, as has been proposed, he will be escaping to a less... [Read More]
If you found yourself scrolling through Facebook recently and clicking on a social quiz asking: "How well do you know your African geography?" you'll probably…... [Read More]
When it comes to the global wildlife trade, conservationists have a long list of things to be worried about. They might need to add hippos... [Read More]
This area has proved so topical that the writer behind the Ask a Manager blog has an upcoming book about it. [Read More]
In the 72 years since the end of World War II, the wreckage of the USS Indianapolis has lain undiscovered at the bottom of the North... [Read More]
The internet loves the age-old tradition of advice-giving, from columns like Dear Prudence and Dear Polly to forums like Reddit where people are on standby…... [Read More]
Before he became one of the greatest presidential orators in US history, John F. Kennedy was hard at work, living by the maxim that practice makes... [Read More]
This month, Donald Trump is scheduled for his first trip overseas as US president, paying visits to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Vatican. While there aren't a lot... [Read More]
"God bless Africa." The title and first lines of Enoch Sontonga's hymn Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika may appear simple to some. But 120 years after it…... [Read More]
It can often be challenging to find alternative viewpoints of Africa. Perceptions of the continent are so colored by decades of stereotyped coverage and biased…... [Read More]
Abraham Lincoln remains America's best president, if the opinion of presidential historians is anything to go by. In C-SPAN's latest survey of presidential leadership (pdf), which polled 91 presidential... [Read More]
Forget a detective's pipe and magnifying glass—felt-tip pens, a sheet of paper, and keen observational skills were all two young children in Germany needed to…... [Read More]
If Africa's 1.26 billion people share a dream, beyond peace and progress on the continent, it would be the ability to move freely across its... [Read More]
For most fans of The Daily Show, last year's announcement that South African comedian Trevor Noah would replace longtime host Jon Stewart came out of…... [Read More]
With weeks left of US president Barack Obama's administration, White House staffers have begun reviewing some of the most interesting, delightful, and odd moments of…... [Read More]
Saturday Night Live has been on a comedy roll lately, with poignant political sketches addressing race, online trolls, and the anxiety many Americans feel about a... [Read More]
Giant Christmas baubles. Prancing reindeer. Boney M's "Christmas Album" filtering through the sound system. It's Christmas at malls in South Africa, and despite the outside temperatures... [Read More]