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Update: A new synopsis for Halloween has been released and we've added it to the article below. If the upcoming Halloween reboot wanted to get... [Read More]
"People keep asking if I'm back and I haven't really had an answer…but yeah, I'm thinking I'm back." Seven months after John Wick: Chapter 2... [Read More]
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This morning, it was announced that Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams would return to the series with Star Wars: Episode 9. So... [Read More]
After 21 years of operation, Terminator 2: 3D at Universal Studios Florida is set to close its doors forever. The attraction is a theme park... [Read More]
Andy Serkis' Supreme Leader Snoke was introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as a slightly fuzzy hologram towering over Kylo Ren. Naturally, fans got... [Read More]
2016 was one of the best years for horror movies in recent memory and 2017 has done a fine job of picking up the torch... [Read More]
A few weeks ago, we learned that the character played by actor Michael K. Williams in the upcoming Han Solo spin-off had been cut from the... [Read More]
You should take everything you read in the IMDB trivia pages with a fistful of salt, but one piece of information has stuck with me... [Read More]
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What do Maleficent 2 and Justice League Dark have in common beyond an interest in the fantastical and supernatural? Well, they both just reminded us... [Read More]
Update: HBO has released the official running time and title for the Game of Thrones season 7 finale, which will be as long as a... [Read More]
The new Shaft movie won't be another reboot. In fact, it's going to be a family affair. The newly titled Son of Shaft has cast... [Read More]
(Welcome to Cardboard Cinema, a feature that explores the intersection between movies and tabletop gaming. This column is sponsored by Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy in Austin, Texas.)... [Read More]
Captain Marvel isn't due out in theaters until 2019, but with filming expected to begin early next year, Marvel Studios needs to lock down a screenplay.... [Read More]