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The short-lived CBS series "Brain Dead," now available on Netflix, is a science-fiction satire about an invasion of Washington, DC, by extraterrestrial bugs that crawl... [Read More]
The president's "principled realism" promises more restraint than he has delivered so far. [Read More]
A Senate vote shows that even Trump critics are happy to let the president use the military as he pleases. [Read More]
The Washington Supreme Court's ruling implies that adolescents who engage in consensual sexting are child pornographers. [Read More]
Past-month cannabis consumption by 12-to-17-year-olds is down by more than 20 percent since 2002. [Read More]
A new critique of the surgeon general's report on e-cigarettes puts underage use in perspective. [Read More]
The rider could still be renewed if a conference committee decides to put it in the final bill. [Read More]
Fourth Amendment precedent and the facts of the case say otherwise. [Read More]
A federal judge rules that Colorado's online database violates the Eighth Amendment. [Read More]
Three days before Donald Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio, he suggested that the former Maricopa County, Arizona, sheriff was "convicted for doing his job." In reality,... [Read More]
Beginning in 2007, specially trained Maricopa County deputies had authority under Section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act to detain people they believed to... [Read More]
Federal officials deny big reductions in adolescent tobacco use and obscure the harm-reducing potential of e-cigarettes. [Read More]
The ruling shows how carelessly the paper peddled nonsense about Republican rhetoric and mass murder. [Read More]
The president admires strong men who break the law to enforce it. [Read More]
Although the research has federal approval, the Phoenix V.A. hospital is blocking efforts to recruit subjects. [Read More]
The court says a marijuana odor did not justify reaching into a woman's underwear during a routine traffic stop. [Read More]
The designation should speed the drug's approval as a prescription medicine, which could happen as soon as 2021. [Read More]
In Ohio during the 1920s, people caught with "intoxicating liquors" could be tried by rural mayors, who were paid for each conviction and authorized to... [Read More]
It has not been the disaster portrayed by the prohibitionists whose numbers the attorney general likes to cite. [Read More]
Recreational marijuana is now legal in Nevada. But there's a catch... [Read More]