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The satellite that will search for planets in other solar systems will launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket no earlier than April 16. [Read More]
Kennedy Space Center and Johnson Space Center will split $81 million to repair damage from Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, respectfully. [Read More]
The GOES-S mission is targeting a March 1 liftoff from Launch Complex 41. [Read More]
Uber is seeking to take control of bus, bike and underground train networks as part of its goal to become the dominant source of urban... [Read More]
Inflationary pressure in the US will build further this year, economists warned, as a report showed that prices paid for goods and services climbed further... [Read More]
Peter Thiel, the technology investor who backed Donald Trump's campaign for president, is to leave Silicon Valley in an apparent rebuff to the region's left-lea... [Read More]
American children who like a slice of processed cheese on their McDonald's hamburger are in for a shock — the fast food giant is removing... [Read More]
"It ain't easy to make money," said the rapper Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, in Power of the Dollar, his unreleased debut studio album from 2000.... [Read More]
Executives at fizzy drink and snack food companies don't seem to like the words "healthy eating". For them, this fad for eating vegetables and drinking... [Read More]
Walgreens Boots Alliance has approached one of America's largest drug distributors about a takeover, as healthcare companies seek to consolidate under the thre... [Read More]
A senior executive at an investment firm run by Steven Cohen, the billionaire hedge fund boss, held "no girls allowed" meetings and another humiliated women... [Read More]
Amazon is to cut hundreds of corporate jobs worldwide as it adjusts its workforce after a hiring spree that turned the online retailer into America's... [Read More]
Comcast is considering making a further bid for 21st Century Fox's entertainment assets.The cable television giant offered at least $60 billion in December for... [Read More]
21st Century Fox has offered to set up an independent board to oversee Sky News and keep it running for at least five years as... [Read More]
A budget proposal released Monday would have NASA turn over space station operations to commercial and/or international partners after 2024. [Read More]
NASA would invest the savings in lunar exploration missions. [Read More]
The 2019 fiscal budget would have NASA turn over operations to commercial and/or international partners after 2024. [Read More]
Who wants to use the Falcon Heavy, and what does its arrival really mean for the space industry? [Read More]
The live photos of "Starman" in the drop-top Telsa Roadster proved to be as inspiring as any image of space travel over the last 50 years. [Read More]
After launching on SpaceX's first Falcon Heavy rocket Tuesday, the car began a "trans-Mars injection" that will take it past the orbit of Mars. [Read More]