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Even after 10 years of Spotify, the LP is thriving, though its future may not be in vinyl, finds James Hall... [Read More]
Australia's biggest listed companies are expected to show solid earnings growth in the forthcoming profit reporting season but not at the double-digit rate of last... [Read More]
As England have progressed through the World Cup, dozens of Three Lions-themed memes have received tens of thousands of views on social media. [Read More]
The jitters kicked in over lunch. [Read More]
In the summer of 1975, Stig Anderson and his teenage daughter Marie were sitting at the kitchen table of their holiday cottage on the island... [Read More]
You could see the thinking behind Labour Live. [Read More]
The jitters kicked in over lunch. [Read More]
Stag beetles and dragonflies. [Read More]
Depending on your perspective, Manic Street Preachers are either hoary rock survivors approaching their 50th birthdays or an intriguing creative force still nudging their musical... [Read More]
Even days off aren't really days off," explained a weary Tim Bergling, the Swedish dance music DJ better known as Avicii, in a 2013 documentary... [Read More]
Every musical genre has a signature pose that defines it. [Read More]
Pop music has always been played by loners and outsiders, ever since Johnny B Goode sat alone beneath the tree by the Louisiana railroad track... [Read More]
As he stars in a new play about The Beatles, sacked drummer Pete Best tells James Hall there is still unfinished business between him and... [Read More]
Take an early-Eighties band in need of hits, a mid-tempo song about a conflicted missionary on a parched savanna, a catchy-as-hell keyboard hook and one... [Read More]
He's hardly a household name. [Read More]
Given the groundswell of noise around Stefflon Don, it's apt that the London rapper is this week gracing the final ever cover of NME, that... [Read More]
I watched and listened to the president's CPAC speech and was embarrassed knowing that the speech was …... [Read More]
I've worked in weather as cold as -45 degrees and the rugby is on at strange times. [Read More]
Downing Street doesn't tend to get involved in the world of pop music. [Read More]
Think of pop stars' salaries and you invariably think of Forbes list multi-millionaires, of Beyoncé, Bono and Bieber, and of the "jet planes, islands, tigers... [Read More]