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Laser-tag time is over, with Bungie committing to nerf Destiny 2's Prometheus Lens into the dust…at least for a while. If you haven't noticed, the... [Read More]
The latest Gran Turismo is doing quite well for itself on PS4, but its had a few minor issues that need fixing. This new update,... [Read More]
We're going to see a bit more of Metro: Exodus, the next game in the popular Russian shooter franchise, during The Game Awards. Metro: Exodus... [Read More]
Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will give PlayStation Plus subscribers a chance to play the game for free this weekend, while current owners can pick up... [Read More]
Game crossovers are nothing new, but Capcom's way of getting Okami's Amaterasu into Dota 2 is a bit different. With Okami HD making its way... [Read More]
We might have just gotten a release date for God of War. Details on the new God of War's release have been fairly sparse, beyond... [Read More]
The latest game in the Persona series has done very well for itself. Atlus is reporting that the latest entry in their beloved dungeon-crawling RPG... [Read More]
Reports overnight stated Doom VFR, Doom's VR spin-off, was crashing on load when trying to use it with Oculus Rift. Turns out, this was true... [Read More]
Bloodborne has been out for a few years now, but there are still secrets nestled away inside its code. It was only last week that... [Read More]
Brendan Greene and the team at Bluehole Studio are trying to wring as much power as possible out of the Xbox One X. Back in... [Read More]
Destiny 2 is a fun game, but right now it's struggling to cater to both its most hardcore, 'hobbyist' fans. It's been a big week... [Read More]
The Shadow of the Colossus remake will be with us within three months, so the developers at Bluepoint Games have released a video to update... [Read More]
Two-Two Interactive company president Karl Slatoff does not view loot boxes as a form of gambling. Speaking at Credit Suisse's 21st Annual Technology, Media and... [Read More]
Monster Hunter World is getting close – get ready in advance by studying up in its armour skills. Arekkz has played the game quite a... [Read More]
Doomfist is being worked on in the Overwatch Public Test Realm, and Blizzard is confident that they've made some improvements. Doomfist came to…... [Read More]
There's a game in the works based on the hit anime series My Hero Academia (in Japan, at least). The magazine scans below come from... [Read More]
Rocket League is getting a splash of 80s neon next week. The Velocity Crate system, which was just recently announced on the Rocket League website,... [Read More]
Desert Bus for Hope, a charity event based entirely around a sub-game within Penn and Teller's Smoke and Mirrors, is currently underway. Desert Bus for... [Read More]
Final Fantasy 15's VR spin-off, Monster of the Deep, is out now, so grab your fishing rods and slip on your VR headset. Monster of... [Read More]
you'll have to wait two more days). There are some fairly recent games in... [Read More]