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Note: 99 percent of those funds are managed by men. [Read More]
If an investment strategy is good enough for one of the top minds in finance, it is probably good en... [Read More]
A little thought experiment for retirement savers:... [Read More]
A little thought experiment for retirement savers:... [Read More]
A little thought experiment for retirement savers:... [Read More]
If the world becoming less economically integrated, someone is going to have to explain why growth a... [Read More]
Dramatic drop in cost of solar and wind power threaten traditional power companies. [Read More]
(The opinions expressed here are those of the author, a columnist for Reuters.) [Read More]
Unpleasant it may be, but investors do better if the mutual funds they hold are managed by companies with an ethos more like that of... [Read More]
Monopoly pricing power may be keeping U.S. corporate earnings margins high and may justify even higher equity prices, but the economy is increasingly less competitive... [Read More]
Not only are companies rolling in cash thanks to high markups, their need to share benefits with workers is diminished. [Read More]
That fund managers are rewarded for hugging the benchmarks they track is a big reason behind the oth... [Read More]
Institutions do better than individuals at active fund management, but given that both come out lose... [Read More]
The information economy means companies rely far more on intangible assets. [Read More]
To understand secular stagnation, with its low inflation and low growth, look first at the growth of... [Read More]
The Trump administration's vision of a rollback in banking regulation isn't just dubious medicine fo... [Read More]
Other benefits like peace and a livable planet notwithstanding, the financial cost of socially respo... [Read More]
Financial markets are in the grip of something very like a speculative mania, which may well be good... [Read More]
It may not happen soon but eventually the vogue for investing in "superstar firms" like Google, Facebook and Amazon will end in the fire of... [Read More]
The biggest obstacle to success is an investor's fear of losing and fear of missing out. [Read More]