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June 22- Due to the dogs dinner that is Brexit, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney and his chief economist, Andy Haldane, are both correct... [Read More]
Psychopaths may have some advantage in climbing the corporate ladder, but once at the top they do shareholders no favours. [Read More]
Some enterprising manager ought to look into a Long Nice CEOs/Short Jerks hedge fund. [Read More]
A new UK study find that companies with leaders who show 'psychopathic characteristics' destroy shareholder value, tending to have poor future returns on equity... [Read More]
The main thing terminal about the Federal Reserve's 'terminal' interest rate projections are the cha... [Read More]
June 14- The main thing terminal about the Federal Reserves' terminal' interest rate projections are the chances of rates actually making it that high in... [Read More]
Lousy incentives for corporate stewardship is a flaw at the heart of our system of delegated asset management. [Read More]
A slavish devotion to maximizing return for risk can put an investor into a portfolio she can't tolerate, leading to either selling at the wrong... [Read More]
The problem with Modern Portfolio Theory, the basis for most diversified investment approaches, is that the often irrational human investor in charge is a major... [Read More]
June 2- Employment growth may be slowing, potentially signaling a rising risk of a recession, but the Federal Reserve has tactical reasons to forge ahead... [Read More]
With bond yields at historic lows, cash may now be in a rare period when it offers better portfolio... [Read More]
Investors face more risk from rising rates than potential return from falling rates... [Read More]
Commentators have concentrated on the economic, social and policy implications, but the investment ones are also interesting... [Read More]
Fund managers may show genuine and long-lasting skill, but do more poorly... [Read More]
From Tokyo to Houston something strange is happening; wages are failing to grow in line with very strong employment data. The underlying causes are... [Read More]
Trump turmoil may not be enough... [Read More]
Markets act as though central banks will continue to protect them. [Read More]
Wednesday's bout of equity market volatility may be a blessing in disguise... [Read More]
No one likes losing money, but after a period of extended quiet, savers making regular investments, perhaps for retirement, face a danger that a violent... [Read More]
Donald Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey caused barely a ripple o... [Read More]