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Prices in the UK's App Store are set to rise 25 percent as the pound continues to lose value after Brexit. According to a letter sent to Apple developers reported by 9to5Mac and... [Read More]
The same day that Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella was outlining the company's plans for artificial intelligence, Chinese tech giant Baidu announced it had poached one of the US firm's former leading... [Read More]
Every year, awards season in Hollywood is foreshadowed by its illegal relation: screener season. This is the time when pirated copies of DVD screeners (mailed to industry insiders ahead of the... [Read More]
I break my earphones regularly, but I've never had to break them on purpose before. When the left earbud on my Brainwavz Delta IEM Noise Isolating Earphones stopped working for no reason... [Read More]
One of the biggest problems for Apple's AirPods (apart from "do they actually stay in your ears?") is finding the damn things if you lose one down the back of a couch. A... [Read More]
Amazon is launching a new on-demand video service dedicated to anime. A subscription to the newly-unveiled Anime Strike will cost you $4.99 a month, and grants access to more than 1,000 anime... [Read More]
Last November, Google unveiled a prototype technology called RAISR that uses machine learning to make low-resolution images appear more detailed. Now, the company has begun the process of integrating RAISR with its online... [Read More]
Google is releasing a new version of its free animation app for kids, giving the software the new ability to work in 3D. The upgrade is a big visual step-up for the app,... [Read More]
Last December, Amazon launched a new data center in London to support its extremely profitable cloud service business. You probably don't care and almost certainly didn't notice, and so to remedy... [Read More]
Another ambitious crowd-funded drone has died — this time, the autonomous Lily camera drone. After collecting more than $34 million in pre-orders from 60,000 customers, the company behind Lily has closed after failing... [Read More]
The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has announced the formation a new committee dedicated to guiding policy on automated tech. The group will cover everything from autonomous drones to... [Read More]
Amazon and Chase Bank's Prime credit card has simple appeal: every time you buy stuff from Amazon you get money back (in the form of points) for further purchases. The card has been... [Read More]
Volkswagen is close to reaching a final deal with US regulators over its 2015 diesel emissions scandals, reports Reuters. The German automaker said it expects to plead guilty to criminal charges and pay... [Read More]
Today, Norway will start shutting down analogue radio signals nationally, becoming the first nation in the world to broadcast digital radio only. The process will begin at 11:11AM local time... [Read More]
Good morning, it's January 6th, 2017, and today we're asking: will these bots ever fuck? As spotted by Brian Feldman, some enterprising soul has a set up a Twitch live stream that shows... [Read More]
The industry body responsible for HDMI has announced a first draft of the standard's next set of specifications, and oh boy: we are getting a lot of extra pixels. HDMI version 2.1 —... [Read More]
Dronemaker DJI has reportedly acquired a majority stake in historic Swedish camera company Hasselblad. The news was first reported by photography site The Luminous Landscape, with TechCrunch... [Read More]
We've known for years that Apple considered a number of different approaches when creating the original iPhone and iOS, but before today, we've not had a really good look at any of these... [Read More]
The latest update to Google Calendar is designed to help you with any overambitious incredibly sensible fitness goals you may have set yourself for 2017. Building on the existing "Goals in Google Calendar"... [Read More]
Sony is expanding its EXTRA BASS range of audio products (the capitals are mandatory) with four new portable wireless speakers and a quartet of new headphones. The speakers are, according to Sony's very... [Read More]