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Friday, November 10, 2017 at 03:59 AM
Chatbots. They're usually a waste of your time, so why not have them waste someone else's instead? Better yet: why not have them waste an... [Read More]
Chipmaker Broadcom has made an unsolicited bid to buy its rival Qualcomm for $130 billion. If the deal is accepted it will be the biggest... [Read More]
Bomp... [Read More]
Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt says the US is at risk of falling behind in the race to develop cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Speaking at a tech... [Read More]
If you imagine the life of a machine learning researcher, you might think it's quite glamorous. You'll program self-driving cars, work for the biggest names... [Read More]
Sophia the robot has been on a roll lately. Earlier in the year, its creator David Hanson told Jimmy Fallon that the bot is "basically... [Read More]
The Robutt can simulate 10 years of use in just three weeks... [Read More]
New research from Nvidia uses artificial intelligence to generate high-res fake celebs... [Read More]
Walmart says it wants robots to carry out tasks that are "repeatable, predictable, and manual," The Verge reports. [Read More]
Yann LeCun is one of AI's most accomplished minds, so when he says that even recent advances in the field aren't taking us closer to... [Read More]
Take that, real bees... [Read More]
When MegaBots' Gui Cavalcanti describes the fight between his company's giant robot and a Japanese counterpart as a "strange event," it's both accurate and a... [Read More]
Another installment in The Trial That Never Ended... [Read More]
How's this for a wheeze? Remap that squeeze... [Read More]
Do I need one? What is it? Seriously, what's going on? [Read More]
But there are caveats... [Read More]
The company's latest AlphaGo AI learned superhuman skills by playing itself over and over, Verge reports. [Read More]
The company's latest AlphaGo AI learned superhuman skills by playing itself over and over... [Read More]
It finally happened. Last night, America's MegaBots Inc. took on Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industry in a giant robot duel streamed on Twitch. The 26-minute show... [Read More]