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Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's weekly round up of all things merchandise. This week we've got even more San Diego Comic-Con exclusives to drool... [Read More]
Titan Comics is bringing Robotech back to the world of comic books next month, but not exactly as you remember it. Written by Brian Wood... [Read More]
The Legend of Korra brought a new twist to Avatar's world of element-wielding magic users by introducing Pro-Bending, a 3v3 spectator sport where benders could... [Read More]
It seems like Aquaman will delve into Arthur Curry's past. A surprising Handmaid's Tale return is confirmed. There's more to deaths in the aftermath of... [Read More]
Another day, another new look at Star Trek: Discovery giving us some weird insight into all the things Starfleet did before the events of the... [Read More]
Superhero TV season has come and gone, which means there's yet another season under the belts of Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. Over... [Read More]
It's official: Jurassic World 2 is now Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. But that's not the most interesting thing about the first poster for the film,... [Read More]
Just days after the shocking news of Chris Miller and Phil Lord's departure from the Han Solo spinoff movie, it seems like a decision has... [Read More]
Ridley Scott is already teasing the next Alien movie. Get another look at that absurd Tom & Jerry/Willy Wonka mashup film. A new Last Jedi... [Read More]
It may be the first day of summer in the real world, but winter has come to Westeros in the form of a brand new... [Read More]
The still atrociously named "Sony's Marvel Universe" is getting bigger. Sony has lifted the lid off the future of its Spider-Man movies after Homecoming, and... [Read More]
This weekend makes the 35th anniversary of Blade Runner—and to mark the occasion, we've gotten an excellent new behind-the-scenes featurette about its sequel from the... [Read More]
A former Game of Thrones alum has joined the Avatar movies in a major way. Geoff Johns promises big things for DC's female heroes in... [Read More]
The Golden Circle isn't the only Kingsman sequel out this year. Image has announced that it will publish the followup to Mark Millar and Dave... [Read More]
It's not just superheroes that have the monopoly on comic book origin stories. Now Keanu Reeves' kinda-sorta-not-really ex-hitman John Wick is getting his own, in... [Read More]
Supernatural itself already feels like it's going to keep running well beyond the fall of human civilization (and perhaps even the universe) itself. But now... [Read More]
The first trailer for Star: Trek Discovery made a big deal of lead character Michael Burnham's enigmatic connection to the Vulcans—and specifically Spock's father, Sarek.... [Read More]
The past few issues of Archie have been gripped by "Over the Edge," an event that has brought Archie and Reggie's bitter rivalry to a... [Read More]
The Master has always been one of the most snappily-dressed villains in Doctor Who history. So when you're bringing back John Simm to reprise his... [Read More]
Infinity War will have one major scene jam-packed with Marvel heroes. Three kaiju legends will appear in the next Godzilla movie. Daenerys returns to Westeros... [Read More]