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If you're still on Facebook you have no doubt caught a glimpse of the latest meme people are sharing. "The Ten Year Challenge" has people... [Read More]
Netflix is raising prices for current customers and increasing the monthly rate for new customers. The increase in monthly subscriptions is $1 or $2, depending... [Read More]
CES, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show wrapped up Friday in Las Vegas and this year's big story, or stories were Artificial Intelligence and... [Read More]
Every TV company is touting new 8K televisions with four times the resolution of 4K televisions. [Read More]
Technology has improved most of our daily tasks but one ritual has stayed the same our entire lives. Brushing our teeth. [Read More]
If you've ever purchased an item from Amazon or Apple you've likely looked at reviews to determine if what you're looking at is a good... [Read More]
Apple's new iOS update, iOS 12 has a ton of new features that are very cool and will actually speed up your phone, but one... [Read More]
Everyone deserves to hear their favorite song when they want to, sadly though, if you don't own it you can't hear it just anytime unless... [Read More]
Songbot searches through some 90,000 radio stations and finds one that is playing the song you want to hear right then. [Read More]
Apple rolled out its new devices at an event on Wednesday. [Read More]
Apps such as "What's App" and "Twitter" can be good for communicating with loved ones, but there's a walkie-talkie app called Zello that's a better... [Read More]
So you've been holding on to your iPhone 6 or 7 or 8 and prepared to upgrade to one of the new iPhones announced on... [Read More]
As Hurricane Florence approaches the North and South Carolina coasts, many people around the country will be trying to stay in touch. That is usually... [Read More]
The In Real Life mobile app intended to bring people together 'in real life,' but instead, it has created a firestorm of controversy and fear. [Read More]
It's an old trick that has left parents and some investigators scratching their heads. [Read More]
Email drafting is sneaky and before you say we're just telling people how to do it, I can tell you it's being used by cheating... [Read More]
A viewer sent me an email recently asking if I was familiar with the app Recolor. It's one of those apps that lets you color... [Read More]
iPhone rumors are usually a highlight of late summer and this year is no exception. Apple sent out invitations for an event on Sept. 12... [Read More]
The Titan Security Key uses 2-factor verification and a person's fingerprint to login securely to many services online including Google, Dropbox and Facebook. [Read More]
When was the last time you looked at your Contacts app on your iPhone? Do you have hundreds or thousands of names, addresses and phone... [Read More]