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The drug prompted social behavior... [Read More]
Brian Wansink, a prominent food and behavioral science researcher, resigned from Cornell University after six of his studies were retracted. [Read More]
U.S. life expectancy is declining as a result... [Read More]
A CDC report finds that increasing numbers of young people are dying from drugs, alcohol and suicide. Alzheimer's deaths are also rising. [Read More]
Not so cute... [Read More]
Pet shop puppies may have caused an outbreak of drug-resistant Campylobacter jejuni infections, according to a CDC report. [Read More]
reg Manteufel, of Wisconsin, had his hands and legs amputated after contracting a dog-related infection... [Read More]
Grant Robicheaux, a orthopedic surgeon who appeared on a Bravo show, and Cerissa Riley have been charged with drugging and raping women. [Read More]
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The risks seem to outweigh the benefits... [Read More]
You're probably already making a good first impression... [Read More]
And there will be 18.1 million new diagnoses... [Read More]
Trump criticized a study that estimates the Hurricane Maria death toll at 3,000. Here's why it's so hard to calculate disaster death tolls. [Read More]
In order to fight the 'epidemic' of youth vaping... [Read More]
2017 was the world's most negative year in at least a decade, according to Gallup's annual Global Emotions report. [Read More]
Saturated fat isn't the whole story... [Read More]
The virus is highly contagious... [Read More]
Several have tested positive for the flu... [Read More]
People on four Southwest Airlines flights in Texas may have been exposed to measles by a sick passenger, health officials say. [Read More]
They came from Paris and Munich... [Read More]