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A scientist at the University of Central Florida is making a case to put Pluto back in the big leagues. [Read More]
In Orlando's upscale community of Dr. Phillips, crews are building sets for a TV show with close ties to the Queen of Talk. [Read More]
Every school district in Florida must have an officer of some kind at each school, per the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Act. Here is... [Read More]
Twenty years after opening its gates, Disney's Animal Kingdom is on a mission to protect animals around the planet. [Read More]
The world's tallest spinning ride, the Starflyer, will be opening soon in Orlando, Florida. [Read More]
The world's tallest spinning ride, the Starflyer, will be opening soon in Orlando. [Read More]
Opening your hotel room door with your cell phone? Disney has started to roll out the new technology for guests to skip the front desk... [Read More]
Universal Studios is adding some major new additions to its Orlando theme park. [Read More]
The Simpsons ride at Universal Orlando has been a fan favorite for a decade. [Read More]
Attendance at Walt Disney World theme parks was down in 2017, but Channel 9 anchor Jamie Holmes found out that Disney is expected to see... [Read More]
Theme-parkgoers at Disney World are always trying to crack the code to see when it's the best... [Read More]
It seems the Nintendo ride could be expanding to other parks within Universal Studios, sources told... [Read More]
From MGM Studios to Hollywood Studios, Disney is once again working to re-brand the entire park. [Read More]
Universal's Volcano Bay has been open nearly two weeks and the reviews have not been favorable for the theme park. Park goers have rated... [Read More]
It's bad enough that expertise is under attack these days from populist political movements that dismiss specialist opinion as just another establishment ruse. But lately... [Read More]
As dentists demonstrate, there's more to evidence than the randomized controlled trial. [Read More]
Ambiguous results nudge doctors (and patients) into ordering more and more tests. [Read More]
In the mid-1980s, a University of Arizona surgery professor, Marlys H. Witte, proposed teaching a class entitled "Introduction to Medical and Other Ignorance." [Read More]
Yale University's Robert Fernandez prepared the lab bench for the camera as a chef might arrange his mise en place, deftly laying out a mini... [Read More]
When we present knowledge as more certain than it is, we discourage curiosity. [Read More]