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one criminal, the other civil - will be decided in two Manhattan courtrooms, and include allegations ranging from sexual assault to a cover-up by his... [Read More]
Gifford Hunter, 30, was arraigned Monday on second-degree murder charges in the fatal shooting of a Rikers Island correctional officer, Jonathan Narain. [Read More]
It's unclear if the two men — a New York City correctional officer and a motorcyclist — knew each other when they met along a... [Read More]
New York The one place a middle-class black business owner might least expect to be arrested on flimsy charges by the police would be at... [Read More]
The owner of MIST Harlem and two employees filed a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court on Wednesday alleging they were wrongfully arrested last year. [Read More]
In a novel decision, a federal judge on Tuesday ruled that the movie producer can be sued under a federal sex-trafficking statute. [Read More]
A criminal complaint says the counselor pushed the boy into a door and then shoved him inside a filing cabinet. [Read More]
A jury convicted Councilman Jumaane Williams of blocking an ambulance during an immigrants' rights protest, but acquitted him of two other charges. [Read More]
The producer said in court papers a grand jury never saw emails showing a consensual relationship with one accuser, lasting years after an alleged attack. [Read More]
A jury heard evidence that Councilman Jumaane Williams blocked an ambulance at a protest. Upstairs, Mayor Bill de Blasio chatted with fellow jurors. [Read More]
Though solitary confinement is banned for young inmates in the city, Mayor de Blasio says some at-risk teenagers must be sent to counties where no... [Read More]
The city banned solitary confinement for inmates 21 and younger, but the practice persists in jails where it sends those it considers problematic. [Read More]
Prosecutors have dealt blows to the gang's hierarchy, leaving a vicious scramble for power among splinter groups. The feud cost Lesandro Guzman-Feliz his life. [Read More]
A recent New York State law allows people convicted of certain crimes to hide the record from public view. So far, only 346 records have... [Read More]
Hundreds were expected for the funeral of Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, the 15-year-old whose fatal stabbing was caught on video and stunned the city. [Read More]
The grisly attack on Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, 15, was likely a case of mistaken identity in a gang feud. [Read More]
One of the men was charged on Monday with the murder of Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, while six others were awaiting extradition in New Jersey. [Read More]
Rachel Pharn, 26, was sideswiped by a pickup truck in the October attack on a Manhattan bicycle path that left eight people dead and 11... [Read More]
Yoselyn Ortega was sentenced to life in prison without chance of parole for the deaths of Leo Krim, 2, and his sister, Lucia, 6, in... [Read More]
The governor and the Manhattan district attorney sought to show a unified front, though it was hard to forget their war of words from a... [Read More]