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New allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh come just days before the Senate is scheduled to hear accusations made by Christine Blasey Ford. ... [Read More]
The Texas Department of Criminal Justice sent officials to pick up a big donation of bananas but what they ended up with was nearly $18... [Read More]
President Donald Trump announced the identities of two U.S. soldiers whose remains were recovered from North Korea earlier this summer. "Army Master... [Read More]
A Texas couple has been indicted for allegedly enslaving an African girl for more than 16 years. Mohamed Toure, 57, and his... [Read More]
A Canadian company plans to open the first U.S. sex robot brothel in Houston next week. But a local nonprofit organization hopes to slam the... [Read More]
An independent investigation confirmed the allegations of sexual harassment and domestic violence inside the Dallas Mavericks' corporate environment, according to the report released Wednesday. ... [Read More]
A former classmate of Christine Blasey Ford deleted her social media accounts after a long-winded Facebook post on Wednesday that claimed she was certain that... [Read More]
At least three people are dead and several others are injured after a gunman shot multiple people Thursday morning at a Rite Aid distribution center in... [Read More]
Travelers are outraged after learning that a Chinese airline fired a flight attendant after her boyfriend proposed midflight. China Eastern Airlines allegedly... [Read More]
Four men, who were sexually abused as children, have reached a $27.5 million settlement with a New York diocese and the Dorothy Bennett Mercy Center,... [Read More]
A Texas great-grandmother shot and killed a massive alligator that she suspected ate one of her miniature horses a few years ago. ... [Read More]
The city of Los Angeles could soon become the largest city in the U.S. to ban the sale of new fur products, The Associated Press reported.... [Read More]
for a change," Hirono said. Ford, a registered Democrat, has alleged that a drunk Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a house party... [Read More]
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has widened the gap to 9 percentage points over his Democratic challenger Beto O'Rourke, according to a new poll from Quinnipiac... [Read More]
It's been more than four decades since Apollo 17 returned from its trip to the moon and no man has been there since. Now SpaceX... [Read More]
McDonald's workers across the U.S. are planning to walk out during lunchtime Tuesday in an effort to push the company to take a firmer stance... [Read More]
The unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest levels in nearly two decades, which is great news for the consumers and the economy, but employers... [Read More]
A California man has been convicted and sentenced to one year in county jail for burglary while armed with a potato, according to the El... [Read More]
Texas Senate candidates Beto O'Rourke (D) and incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz (R) were busy on the campaign trail over the weekend. On... [Read More]
Protesters called on Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to take a stand against the recent police shooting deaths of two black men in North Texas.... [Read More]