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Focusing the new LDS curriculum almost solely on Conference talks makes it harder for members who have questions to voice them. Making those who question... [Read More]
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The manufactured furor over Melania Trump's White House Christmas decorations shows how willing we are to believe fake news. And the president makes us this... [Read More]
A new book raises the question of Mary's virginity, and points to all the other issues it touches on: theology and the body, how the... [Read More]
"Unfit." That's what Mitt Romney said about Roy Moore, the controversial former state judge who's on the ballot as the GOP Senate nominee for Alabama's... [Read More]
The unaffiliated "Nones" are the largest single religious group in America, edging out Protestants and Catholics, says a new study released today. [Read More]
"Unfit." That's what Mitt Romney said late last week about Roy Moore, the controversial former state judge who's on the ballot as the GOP Senate... [Read More]
High-profile Mormons from Mitt Romney to Jeff Flake have publicly denounced the actions of fellow Republicans like Roy Moore and Pres. Trump. But their engagement... [Read More]
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Joseph Paul Vorst was a well-known artist in the 1930s and 1940s, but Mormons only recently discovered he was LDS. Now for the first time,... [Read More]
The typical Mormon General Conference viewer is a church-going, older, white, college-educated Republican living in Utah—not surprisingly the exact type of person most likely to... [Read More]
Mette Harrison's (mostly) Mormon family doesn't always have the most orthodox or predictable Family Home Evenings. But they're always interesting. [Read More]
Conservative Christians have gone from emphasizing their "moral majority" status to making political claims about individual rights, says author Andrew Lewis -- and it all... [Read More]
In earlier books, A. J. Jacobs spent a year living biblically and tried to become the world's healthiest man. Now he wants to get to... [Read More]
On Oct. 24, Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona denounced President Trump's administration from the Senate floor. [Read More]
As someone who often votes with the other party, I doubt I have much in common politically with Sen. Flake, who has described himself as... [Read More]
Sen. Jeff Flake's denunciation of Trump yesterday had this fellow Mormon cheering. [Read More]
It's the 500th anniversary of Luther's 95 theses! But author and scholar Craig Harline reminds us that we *might* have inflated the legend of what... [Read More]
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