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I don't know about you, but these days I'm awash with anxiety. Hyperpartisan politics, raising a teenager … they all contribute to an ongoing sense... [Read More]
June marks the 40th anniversary of the reversal of Mormonism's race-based priesthood/temple restriction, and the month is chock-full of events celebrating the importance of black... [Read More]
Wallace Jeffs lost almost everything when he spoke out against polygamous FLDS leaders and his half brother, Warren Jeffs. Now remarried and baptized into the... [Read More]
Novelist Richard Paul Evans responds to accusations of sexual harassment by claiming that feminists' "war on men" seeks to wipe out 90% of men, whose... [Read More]
Tara Westover grew up in an unusual Mormon survivalist family that stockpiled food for the endtimes and did not formally educate their children. Now the... [Read More]
The LDS Church issued a statement on racism today -- but that statement was not the one that briefly proved a flashpoint of joy, then... [Read More]
Mormons have often repeated the Brigham Young statement that a single man over the age of 25 is a menace to society. The problem is... [Read More]
By dismissing Deborah as a mere sidekick to Barak, the Mormon Gospel Doctrine manual refuses to see her in the way the Bible describes: as... [Read More]
After more than a century of Mormon attention to boys' development through the Boy Scout program, it's past time to direct our time and money... [Read More]
In early 2017, some Mormon women began expressing concern about eroding ethical standards in government. Now they're over 6,000 strong and still growing. [Read More]
Most religious groups now support same-sex marriage being legal, according to a study released today from PRRI, the Public Religion Research Institute. The survey, which... [Read More]
Twice as many Americans now favor same-sex marriage as oppose it, by 61 percent to 30 percent. [Read More]
Fewer than half of US Mormons think that climate change is caused by human activity. But one BYU professor -- and now, debut novelist --... [Read More]
Dissenters make organizations better, research shows. So why has Mormonism often tried to cut off criticism and debate? [Read More]
Donald Trump is not a Christian, but he understands what white Protestants long for, says historian Matthew Bowman in the new book "Christian: The Politics... [Read More]
Mormon growth is down to about one and a half percent around the world -- and half that in the United States. Yet there are... [Read More]
Republicans still appeal to older white Christian voters who have less than a college education, says a new Pew study. The problem for the GOP... [Read More]
Gratitude, says theologian Diana Butler Bass, is not a happy pill, nor is it about how much you're glad that you're comfortable and own stuff.... [Read More]
Why do Mormons bless babies, when children can't be officially baptized until age 8? Historian Jonathan Stapley traces the surprising history of a ritual that... [Read More]
Mormons got more diversity in their highest leadership, a fresh focus on lay ministry, and a restructured priesthood organization in this weekend's groundbreaking General Conference. [Read More]