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A lawsuit says Facebook is misleading advertisers about just how effective it is. Facebook, which makes billions from ads, says it can't guarantee that all... [Read More]
When it comes to social media, many Venezuelans choose to self-censor. But for others, social media can be a lifeline. One pharmacist uses Twitter to... [Read More]
In his new book Autonomy, Larry Burns, formerly with General Motors, argues that self-driving, electric cars are inevitable. In an interview with NPR, he addresses... [Read More]
A new study shows that younger Americans are changing the way they interact with Facebook. [Read More]
Twitter has found more bogus accounts linked to Iran and suspended 284 for participating in a "coordinated manipulation." Another 486 were taken down in the... [Read More]
In the '80s, the Soviet Union and allies participated in a widespread disinformation campaign: disseminating the theory that the AIDS virus had been manufactured by... [Read More]
Tesla's stock has been dropping precipitously, following a New York Times interview, in which CEO Elon Musk described being exhausted and under immense pressure. [Read More]
It's a sunny day, and a woman walks past a young man on the street. He mutters an obscene catcall. In the video, the woman... [Read More]
Tesla's stock soared Tuesday after CEO Elon Musk said he wants to take the company private. The announcement hammered short sellers and raised questions about... [Read More]
Tesla stock soared on Tuesday after CEO Elon Musk said he's considering taking the company private. It also raised many questions about the future of... [Read More]
If you've spent time on social media, you've seen lots of pictures of people seemingly having a better time than you. They may be smiling,... [Read More]
After more than a year of scandals and just months ahead of the midterm elections, there's growing concern over what kind of security can be... [Read More]
Tesla has reported that over the past three months its losses have doubled. CEO Elon Musk, who's been in hot water over his sometimes offensive... [Read More]
When Adam Stephens walked into his office in Milwaukee one morning in late June, he found messages complaining about the Birds. The deputy city attorney... [Read More]
An Argentinian daytime talk show, known for stoking fights among scantily clad cabaret dancers, broke format and suddenly invited nuanced conversations about feminism, sexual harassment... [Read More]
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Tensions were high at a crowded bar in New York City, packed with sweating Belgian and French fans. A lot was at stake: Whoever won... [Read More]
If you've heard any of rapper Cardi B's recent string of hits, you know the woman has expensive taste. The Bronx-born star loves Balenciaga, Prada... [Read More]
Mario Tama/Getty Images The US Immigration and Naturalization Act allows migrants to ask for asylum, whether they entered through a port of entry... [Read More]
It was the middle of April when they showed up at the border, covered in mud. Ana, eight months pregnant, accompanied by her 4-year-old daughter,... [Read More]